Lithotripsy is a noninvasive (the skin is not pierced) procedure used to treat kidney stones that are too large to pass through the urinary tract. Lithotripsy treats kidney stones by sending focused ultrasonic energy or shock waves directly to the stone first located with fluoroscopy (a type of X-ray “movie”) or ultrasound (high frequency sound waves).

Our approach

North Shore University Hospital offers lithotripsy using the Dornier Gemini system. The Dornier Gemini allows maximum access for lithotripsy treatments. Highlights of the system include:

  • Full abdominal imaging, providing the most comprehensive imaging for capturing the entire urinary tract in a single view.
  • Ability to provide better imaging contrast and lower x-ray doses to patients.
  • Limited necessary repositioning of the patients, which is especially beneficial in treating immobile patients.

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