Indirect Revascularization Surgery Treatment for Moyamoya Disease

Indirect Revascularization Surgery Treatment for Moyamoya Disease

Moyamoya disease can cause transient, or temporary, episodes of muscle weakness or paralysis on one side of the body, sometimes alternating sides between episodes. These symptoms are caused by transient ischemic strokes. Some children may experience seizures or involuntary movements and even exhibit signs of mental retardation.

Indirect revascularization surgery is the Moyamoya disease treatment of choice for children. It is also sometimes useful for adults with the disease. During the indirect revascularization surgical procedure, a scalp blood vessel is sutured directly to the brain substance, rather than to another blood vessel. The covering of the brain, called the dura, may also be used during this procedure to enhance the effectiveness of this technique. The restoration of blood flow following an indirect procedure may take weeks to months, but will typically provide sufficient blood flow as it matures to prevent future strokes.


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