Ultrasound Examinations

Ultrasound Examinations

Emergency Room ultrasound examinations are provided at many clinical sites. Thanks to the technological advances in ultrasound and miniaturization, medical imaging has to come to the bedside. Point-of-care ultrasound examinations give emergency physicians timely clinical information to quickly and accurately diagnose and manage patients.

Prior to the availability of emergency room ultrasound examinations, critical minutes or hours were lost sending the emergency patient to other departments for multiple diagnostic tests. Today, a 90-second emergency room ultrasound examination can provide an accurate answer almost immediately.

For life-threatening situations like possible heart attacks, an emergency ultrasound can answer critical questions such as:

  • “Does my patient have fluid surrounding the heart?”
  • “Does my patient have an abdominal aortic aneurysm?"

For pregnant patients in their first trimester who are experiencing abdominal pain, an emergency room ultrasound examination can reveal an ectopic or tubal pregnancy, thus empowering the physician to provide immediate intervention.

In addition, many procedures can be performed under sonographic guidance, making these experiences safer and less painful for the patient. 

Unlike traditional X-rays that expose patients to ionizing radiation, ultrasound technology uses sound waves to safely image the body. Emergency Department physicians receive thorough training in the proper use of ultrasound treatment as a diagnostic tool.

Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Program

Many emergency physicians have completed Northwell's nationally acclaimed one-year Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship program. The program has helped emergency physicians master the proper usage of emergency room ultrasound examinations to provide accurate clinical information for prompt and effective treatment of emergency patients.

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