About our radiology services

Where a patient is screened or tested makes a difference. Northwell Health Imaging combines the skill of subspecialized radiologists with the most advanced imaging techniques. Having a team of subspecialized radiologists ensures that the physicians read high volumes of the same types of images (for example, breast or cardiothoracic). Due to their expertise in their subspecialty, the physicians can provide a more accurate and skillful evaluation.

Northwell Health Imaging knows that it’s important for a patient’s images to be seen as quickly as possible. The advanced picture archiving and communication system (PACS) sends images to the radiologist with the specialization to interpret them, even if they are in a different office. The system allows for communication between the radiologists, care providers and other specialists.


Jesse Chusid, MD

  • Interim Senior Vice President, Imaging,
    Northwell Health
  • Interim Chair, Radiology,
    North Shore University Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center
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