Chronic pain

Chronic pain can be very distressing and debilitating—physically and emotionally—to patients and their families who care for them.

At Northwell Health, the multidisciplinary team addresses the causes and effects of your chronic pain with a range of therapeutic treatments. The physicians, nurses, social workers and counselors, pharmacists, nutritionists and chaplains are certified in palliative care.

What Is chronic pain?

Many medical experts consider chronic pain as a disease state in and of itself. Because it can affect your life in so many ways, palliative care experts address your chronic pain using a multidisciplinary, or team, approach.

Chronic pain differs from acute pain in the following ways:

  • Can last for weeks, months or years
  • Causes physical, emotional, spiritual and social effects
  • May occur without any underlying disease or injury, or may be related to a serious, ongoing health problem
  • Persists even after the disease or injury heals

Causes of chronic pain

Many people without any past injuries or diseases suffer from chronic pain. But, long-term, underlying illness or injury is usually the cause of chronic pain. Physicians at Northwell treat many patients with the following chronic conditions:

  • Long-lasting cancer (10 years or more)
  • Chronic wounds
  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and other lung diseases
  • Advanced dementia
  • Fractures caused by osteoporosis and other illnesses that weaken bones

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