Health care professionals at Northwell Health take a multidisciplinary, team approach to hospice and palliative care. The aim is to treat the whole person—physical, emotional, social and spiritual. Northwell Health’s highly trained, experienced team includes:

  • Board-certified physicians
  • Certified registered nurses, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants
  • Dedicated social workers and counselors
  • Certified, nondenominational chaplains
  • Pharmacists, nutritionists and other staff who specialize in hospice and palliative care

Hospice Care Services

Northwell Health provides both managed and home hospice care services, 24 hours a day through weekends and holidays. Hospice care begins after treatment for the illness has ended, to care for patients who are not going to survive their illness. For you or your loved one, the staff provides services for:

  • Physical comfort
  • Pain relief
  • Symptom management
  • Emotional, psychological, spiritual, social and financial needs
  • Bereavement and counseling services for patients and their families

Managed Hospice Care

Northwell Health facilities for managed hospice care provide options for families who need advanced end-of-life care for a loved one. All hospice care services are available through managed care options for:

  • Short-term stays, when families need a brief respite from home
  • Long-term stays, when families are no longer able to care for their loved ones at home

Northwell Health provides managed hospice care through affiliations with:

  • University Hospice, serving Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens
  • Hospice Care Network’s Hospice Inn in Melville

Home Hospice Care

Hospice care services through Northwell Health help patients whose families can care for them at home. The level of care from the support staff depends on the patient’s condition and the family’s needs. Services include:

  • Visiting nurses who manage the patient’s medical needs
  • Hospice aid workers and respite care volunteers who provide counseling and social assessments

Home hospice care services are available in Nassau County, Queens, Staten Island and Suffolk County.

(866) 651-4200

Senior helpline

Need help navigating the maze of services available as you or a loved one gets older? Free help is just a phone call away. Contact the Northwell Health At Home Referral Center and select option 3 for senior navigator.