We see women’s health care differently.

Wellness is a lifelong journey. Our experts care for you every step of the way.

Gynecologic Oncology Center

Northwell Health offers cutting-edge treatment to women with cancer and precancerous conditions of the female reproductive system.

Why choose us?

Our board certified gynecologists treat all women, from children to older adults. Whether it’s pediatric gynecology, contraceptive management, post-reproductive ailments, minimally invasive treatments or management of gynecologic issues, we’re here for you. We also emphasize preventative care and genetic evaluations to improve the treatment of diseases such as hereditary breast and ovarian cancers.

Removing fibroids while preserving fertility

See how robotics myomectomy allows our surgeons to remove uterine fibroids, preserve the uterus, and repair the uterine wall to preserve fertility. Watch the video to learn more.