C. Singhal, MD

About the researcher:



Dr. Singhal joined the faculty of the department of Medicine at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in 1986. He was appointed as the Chief, Nephrology Division, Queens General Hospital with academic title of Assistant Professor of Medicine, Albert Einstein College Medicine. He got his first grant from American Heart Association in 1987. He got his first NIH RO1 grant in 1989. He has been funded with NIH since then. He became Chief of Nephrology Division at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, in 1995. He became combined chief of unified Division of Nephrology at North Shore and LIJ in 2005.

Currently, he is Director of Renal Molecular Research Laboratory and Professor of Medicine at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. He is funded with three NIH RO1 grants. He has published more than 270 publications in peer-reviewed journals. His main areas of research include drug abuse and kidney disease, mechanisms of development and progression of HIV-associated nephropathy, and role of epigenetic mechanisms  in the development and progression of chronic kidney diseases.

Research focus:

Research interests

Renin angiotensin system and kidney disease
Epigenetics in kidney disease
APOL1 and HIV in kidney disease

Research training opportunities for residents and fellows:

  • Participation in studying kidney models of kidney diseases in Renal Molecular Research Laboratory
  • Scoring of renal lesions in several kidney disease models
  • Evaluation of molecular mechanisms involved in the progression of kidney diseases


Sardar Patel Medical College

Degree: MD

Postgraduate Institute, Chandigarh

Degree: Medical Internship

Brigham’s Women and Brocton VA Program

Degree: Residency

Albert Einstein college Hospital

Degree: Fellowship

Honors and awards


P66 in kidney disease, NIDDK (NIH), Federal Foundation


Renin Angiotensin System in HIVAM, NIDDK (NIH), Federal Foundation


Epigenetics in HIVAN, NIDDK (HIVAN), Federal Foundation


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