J. Coletti, PhD

Assistant Investigator,
Division of Psychiatric Neuroscience, Zucker Hillside Hospital

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry,
Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine


(718) 470-4606


About the researcher:

Member of Feinstein Institute for Medical Research


Psychiatric Neuroscience

Dr. Daniel Coletti’s research focuses on patient adherence to medical recommendations, in particular decisions people make about taking medication. He recently completed a study in the Zucker Hillside Hospital Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry that researched parent responses to getting a psychotropic medication recommendation for their child. This study showed that parent attitudes to medication were the most significant predictor of whether the family used the medication treatment—and was more important than the child’s age, psychiatric diagnosis, or the severity of the child’s behavioral problems.

Dr. Coletti is also working with investigators from the Northwell Health Division of General Internal Medicine to identify determinants of patient adherence to complicated medication regimens. We are analyzing data from a study that is finding discrepancies between patient-reported medication regimens and the medications prescribed by their primary care providers. To address this issue, Dr. Coletti’s research team is currently developing interdisciplinary interventions to more thoroughly assess and document patient understanding of their medications, and enhance the clarity with which the medical team communicates about medication.