An informed patient makes better health care decisions for a longer, healthier life. We want patients to be knowledgeable not only about their condition but the treatment options available to them – whether it’s offered at one of our 21 hospital campuses or outside Northwell Health’s network. Through patient tutorials, guidebooks, newsletters, patient stories and your personal health information, we are arming our patients with the tools to lead healthy lives.

Second opinions

Receiving an unfavorable diagnosis can be tough. Your doctor may have outlined a course of treatment, but is it the right treatment for you? At Northwell Health, we encourage all newly diagnosed patients to receive a second opinion about their diagnosis and treatment plan. Also, we offer patients who were diagnosed with a condition by a physician outside of the health system the opportunity to be evaluated by our physicians to confirm the diagnosis. Our physicians can advise on the preferred treatment regimen and answer any questions that you may have but were afraid to ask.

Support groups

Support groups bring together people with similar life experiences to offer camaraderie, foster discussion and quell anxiety or frustration. Northwell Health encourages patients to join one of our many support groups to help through their health and life changes with a compassionate group. For a listing of support groups, check out our support services section

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Take control of your health

Early detection of colorectal cancer saves lives.