Cerebral Angiography

Cerebral Angiography

If you are diagnosed with a skull base tumor, your doctor will want to know that your brain is getting enough blood supply. Your doctor may order a cerebral angiography, which is a test that creates a detailed picture of the blood vessels that supply and surround the brain and skull.

During a cerebral angiography, your doctor will insert a catheter, which is a long tube, and inject a special kind of safe dye into your carotid artery which helps an X-ray create images of your blood vessels. This is how your doctor can identify blockages.

Skull base brain tumors often displace these vessels, and this shift in location pinpoints the location of the tumor growth. The information from a cerebral angiogram is very important in planning your treatment. Our team of interventional neuroradiologists is often able to decrease the blood supply to these tumors before surgery, thus allowing for a safer surgery.



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