Treatments & services: Skin, hair and nails (including wounds)

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Learn more about causes and symptoms of acne. Experts from Northwell's Department of Dermatology are specially trained to treat all types of this common skin condition.

Learn more about actinic keratosis and how the dermatologists at Northwell Health treat this condition.

Part of managing chronic wounds includes cleaning the wound (called debridement) in preparation for ultimate wound closure. There’s two main ways of debriding a wound. One way is by doing simple dressing changes, and the other is surgery. Your doctor will assess your unique situation and determine what is right for you.

Learn more about the dermatopathology available at Northwell Health.

Flap surgery is a fundamental pillar in plastic surgery. It involves moving tissue (and its blood supply) from one part of the body to another. This technique can restore form and function to areas of the body affected by wounds or soft tissue defects of any cause. Our doctors can use a variety of flap types to suit your needs, and we use the most advanced surgical techniques to minimize the chance of damaging or weakening the donor site.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has helped heal a variety of illnesses. Research has shown that it can treat many conditions that involve oxygen-starved tissue...

Learn more about treatments for hyperhidrosis from our experts at Northwell Health’s Department of Dermatology.

Learn more about Mohs surgery, a special type of skin cancer treatment, at Northwell Health

We offer patients with scoliosis a strong multidisciplinary team approach when it comes to spinal surgeries. Our pediatric spine surgeons perform highly successful scoliosis surgery. Afterwards, our pediatric plastic surgeons expertly close the wounds and decrease the chance of infections and bad scarring.

Phototherapy for psoriasis is an effective light therapy treatment for removing psoriasis and decreasing the inflammation associated with psoriasis flares.