Treatments & services: Heart and vein health

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Our doctors are researching the future of heart scans: 4D imaging. Not only is this game-changing technology fast and safe, it also shows blood flow and heart function with more detail and accuracy than previously thought possible. Now we can detect life-threatening conditions before they threaten your life.

The Division of Vascular Surgery diagnoses and performs procedures to treat conditions affecting the circulatory system, including venous disease, vascular access and diabetic foot conditions.

The Adult Congenital Heart Program at Cohen Children’s Heart Center is one of fewer than 100 programs in the United States dedicated to caring for adults with congenital heart diseases, in consultation with their pediatric cardiologist.

An angiogram, also called an arteriogram, is an X-ray image of the blood vessels. It shows blood flow to tumors and can help determine if a tumor can be removed...

Angiography is performed in the radiology department by an interventional radiologist who specializes in injecting arteries through a small catheter introduced into the artery with a special dye that may be seen on x-rays in real time...

Your heart's arteries may become blocked or narrowed due to a buildup of cholesterol, cells or other substances (plaque). Sometimes a blood clot can form or worsen, and it can completely block blood flow, causing a heart attack. Angioplasty is a surgery done to open blocked arteries and restore normal blood flow. It is not a major surgery and causes little pain.

Anti-coagulant medications, such as coumadin and heparin, are used to prevent blood clots that can obstruct veins and arteries. These medications, also called blood thinners, inhibit clot formation by blocking the action of clotting factors or platelets...

Anti-coagulant medications, also known as blood thinners, are used to prevent blood clots that can obstruct veins and arteries. They are given to a variety of patients, including those undergoing open heart or bypass surgery, those on prolonged bed rest and those who are prone to strokes or heart attacks.

Arrhythmia ablation and cryoablation are procedures used to treat heart rhythm diseases with high frequency radio waves or by freezing the heart muscle.

Balloon dilation, also known as balloon valvuloplasty, is an interventional cardiac catheterization procedure commonly used to open blocked heart valves.