Quality and safety

At Northwell Health, we’re doing whatever it takes to give you the best care possible. This means our specialists and facilities are aiming to perform at their highest levels, we’re making sure you’re making healthy progress at home after you have heart surgery, and we’re partnering with other health systems to find the best ways to deliver excellent heart care.

What’s most important is that we have a patient-centered approach to addressing heart disease. Our cardiac surgeons and interventional cardiologists work hand-in-hand to determine the best treatment for each patient’s unique case, with care often provided all at one place. Quite simply, patient satisfaction can help improve outcomes.

Our focus on you, the patient, is never lost even as we’ve grown throughout the area. We have built a team of some of the most talented doctors, nurses and support staff, and we don’t turn away anyone regardless of the complexity or rarity of their conditions.

Quality measurements

In the healthcare industry, “quality” means getting the right care to the right patient at the right time — every time. The New York State Department of Health is able to measure and compare a number of factors to determine our level of quality, and to compare it with other hospitals and health systems throughout the state.

Highlights of the Department of Health’s most recent reports, covering the years 2010–2012, include:

  • Long Island Jewish Medical Center had significantly lower death rates for heart surgeries. The death rate for bypass, valve surgeries or combination valve and bypass surgeries was significantly lower at LIJ than other hospitals throughout the state
  • North Shore University Hospital had significantly lower death rates for angioplasties, and was the only hospital in the state with much better outcomes for emergency-surgery angioplasties.


When Time Is of the Essence

We partner with Northwell’s Center for Emergency Medical Services (CEMS) to make sure you receive ready access to treatment when you most need it. This impressive support service is the nervous system of Northwell, with a 24-hour command center that dispatches a network of ambulances from Manhattan to Montauk. CEMS can also call on SkyHealth, a helicopter service that flies patients over traffic at 135 miles per hour. The sooner our cardiovascular team can provide treatment, the better the outcomes.

Follow your heart program

A house call might sound like something from your grandparents’ time, but our Follow your heart program offers home visits from nurse practitioners and physician assistants to see how you’re doing after you return home from heart surgery.

We created this program because in some cases, patients needed to return to the hospital shortly after their surgery. This was usually due to minor problems that we are able to correct in the comfort and convenience of your home.

By sending a nurse practitioner or physician assistant — whom you’ve already met, because he or she was part of your treatment team for your surgery — we can make sure you’re making the right progress two, four and six days after you come home.

The medical professional will:

  • Examine you
  • Take your blood pressure and vital signs
  • Review and adjust your medication if necessary

The Follow your heart program, the only one of its kind on Long Island, has resulted in a dramatic decrease in patients who have to return to the hospital. This is a free service, so you don’t have to worry about an extra charge on your bill.

View a brief video to learn more out Follow your heart.    

Alliance with Cleveland Clinic

We’re constantly developing new relationships with other leading healthcare systems and organizations from across the country to improve our performance and broaden our access to best ways to deliver care.

In 2014, the Cleveland Clinic Heart & Vascular Institute selected us to serve as its exclusive alliance member in the New York metropolitan area. The alliance is designed to provide cardiac patients in our area with new and enhanced treatment options, and greater access to clinical trials and technologies in cardiology and cardiac surgery.

As part of the collaboration, we are also a member of Cleveland Clinic’s Cardiovascular Specialty Network, making us only the second health system in the country to become an alliance and network member.

We were selected after a year-long, operational assessment of its cardiology, cardiac surgery and electrophysiology programs, including an analysis of operating rooms, intensive care units, work flows, policies and procedures, mortality rates, imaging capabilities and other services.

The two health systems have been collaborating since 2012, when we joined Cleveland Clinic’s Innovation Alliance. That program seeks to enhance the discovery, development, deployment and commercialization of new technologies originating from our clinical facilities and our Feinstein Institute for Medical Research.


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