Great medicine requires great people. That’s why Northwell Health recruited and developed experts in cardiac surgery. The multidisciplinary team uses the most modern treatments available to deliver quality care with superior outcomes.

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Our medical staff is well known for the heart care we deliver for a wide range of conditions, such as:

  • Valves in need of repair or replacement
  • Heart failure
  • Structural heart disease, due to either birth defects or abnormalities that develop because of wear and tear or as a result of other conditions

Our innovative surgical approaches include:

Traditional sternotomy — when an incision is made in the center of the chest and runs from below the neck to below the sternum (breastbone). The breastbone is cut to allow access to the heart. When the surgery is complete, the breastbone is secured using stainless steel wires and sutures (stitches).

Mini-sternotomy — an incision that is smaller than the traditional incision on the breastbone.

Mini-thoracotomy — a surgery that is performed through a smaller incision in the chest. The surgeon does not need to cut the breastbone.

Robotic surgery — a surgery that uses a computerized robot that has multiple small instrument arms and a tiny camera, which allows the surgeon to operate through very small incisions between the ribs. With the help of the camera, the surgeon controls the robot arms and surgical instruments and is able to do the heart operation without opening the chest.

Endoscopic conduit harvesting — when a vessel (a vein or artery) is removed for a bypass graft without making a long incision. Small incisions are made in the arm or leg to allow a thin tube with a small camera to pass through so that the surgeon can see pictures on a screen to remove a vessel.

Our surgeons will review each patient's health and discuss the best surgical approach.

Cardiac Surgery

We're the area's leader when it comes to performing the most progressive and effective cardiac surgery procedures, including minimally invasive heart surgery and open-heart surgery to correct cardiovascular diseases. Our staff of renowned cardiac surgeons and caring health professionals provides a full spectrum of state-of-the-art cardiac surgery procedures that include:

Heart valve repair and replacement — treatment of acquired or congenital valve disease ensuring proper flow of blood throughout the chambers of the heart.

Coronary bypass — redirecting blood flow around blocked coronary arteries.

Repairing aneurysms or bulges in the aorta — to help prevent the potential for a leak of the major blood vessel supplying blood to all of the organs in the body.

Ablation — the treatment of cardiac tissue to restore normal electrical pathways within the heart. removal of tissue by actually destroying it in small amounts in areas that disturb electrical flow through the heart.

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery 

Minimally invasive open heart surgery offers a select group of patients an alternative approach to cardiac surgery. This cutting-edge technology, sophisticated surgical instrumentation and precise surgical skill provide qualified patients with a safe, effective option to sternotomywhile insuring the same quality results.

Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive treatment option offered. The Minimally Invasive and Robotic Heart Valve Surgery Center is the first center on Long Island to use the Da Vinci® surgical robotic system to perform minimally invasive heart operations. Robotic surgery is also performed extensively by thoracic surgeons who operate in the chest cavity. The robotic system allows for small incisions, increased surgical visualization and improved dexterity while minimizing trauma to the chest and the surrounding structures.

Smaller incisions, shorter hospitalization, and a quicker recovery are all potential benefits from minimally invasive surgery. The key to success of these procedures is making them patient specific. We make every effort to match the patient, pathology and procedure for the best possible outcome.

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