Biofeedback techniques


Biofeedback is a method used to help you be aware of and control specific physiological processes within your body. When used in conjunction with pelvic floor strengthening, like Kegel exercises, biofeedback techniques help women gain awareness, strengthen, and control their pelvic muscles. A computerized visual feedback allows the patient to actually see the activity of the pelvic muscles and the progress of the treatment. The computer screen gives you real-time visual feedback during physical therapy.

More specifically during the treatment process, you will be advised to either squeeze (contract) or relax a muscle group. The ability to do so successfully or unsuccessfully is shown on a screen. It also indicates the force of each squeeze or the ability to relax a muscle and provides measurements of  strength. By closely measuring the process and working with your physician’s guidance, you will learn how to manage and improve your condition.

Common conditions

Our therapists and nurse practitioners will guide you through the benefits of biofeedback techniques to help improve conditions like pelvic weakness, incontinence, difficulty emptying the bladder, pelvic pain, or constipation. It can also reduce pain that you may experience during sex. 

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After your first consultation, you will work with your physician to develop a program that fits into your life. Sessions will likely be scheduled every one to two weeks in coordination with our nurse practitioners and physical therapists. 

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