Amnesia treatment

Amnesia treatment

The focus of amnesia treatment is on developing strategies for improving memory. This often involves working with a variety of specialists as well as learning how to use memory aids.

Occupational therapy can be beneficial by helping you learn new information and develop skills to improve your memory. Many individuals with amnesia can benefit from smart technology devices and applications to help manage day-to-day activities.

There are currently no approved medications for treating amnesia. However, research is being conducted to study how neurotransmitters are involved in memory formation. This may help with developing treatments in the future. 

Our approach

The Memory Disorders Center at the Northwell Health Neuroscience Institute is dedicated to diagnosing and treating neurologic memory disorders, including all forms of amnesia. Patients and families gain expert treatment with the utmost compassion, sensitivity and respect.

Amnesia post-treatment

Amnesia can be challenging for both those who suffer from memory loss, as well as family and friends. In many cases, memory improves over time.  However, for some, ongoing assistance is required by either professional caregivers or family and friends. Support groups can be beneficial for both patients and loved ones.