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Jaw surgery is used to correct upper and lower jaw imbalance and abnormalities, especially those that cannot be fixed with braces alone. Our expert surgeons and dedicated orthodontist will work together using the latest technologies to achieve successful treatment. We typically treat patients between the ages of 15 and 17 but can also treat adults when necessary.

Joint preservation of the hip and knee is an innovative way to help relieve joint problems as naturally as possible. There are many joint preservation procedures available to treat common joint problems like hip dysplasia and early osteoarthritis, without requiring full replacement. The right treatment and surgery to preserve your hip and knee joints is based on a number of important factors, including your age, present health, health history, the extent and location of the injury and your history with other medications and treatments.

The joint rehabilitation therapy program provides comprehensive care for both pre- and post-operative joint replacement patients as well as for non-operative patients with musculoskeletal and degenerative disorders...