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Part of managing chronic wounds includes cleaning the wound (called debridement) in preparation for ultimate wound closure. There’s two main ways of debriding a wound. One way is by doing simple dressing changes, and the other is surgery. Your doctor will assess your unique situation and determine what is right for you.

Learn about decompressive craniectomy at the Traumatic Brain Injury Center, part of the Northwell Health Neuroscience Institute.

Deep pharyngeal neuromuscular stimulation (DPNS) is a non-invasive, electrical stimulation therapy for people with dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). Therapists are certified to perform this therapy...

Northwell Health provides a weekly dementia caregiver support group, facilitated by a dementia care professional, to help caregivers give and receive support.

Treatment for dementia varies depending on the cause. In cases of Alzheimer’s disease and other progressive types of dementia, there is no cure or treatment to slow or stop its progression...

Staten Island University Hospital's Department of Dental Medicine general practice has expanded into a major teaching program offering a wide range of services to all of our patients...

Learn more about the dental services available at Northwell Health.

Learn more about the dental services available at Northwell Health.

Northwell Health offers exceptional urologic care, expert evaluations and a team of urologists who provide world-class treatment for all benign and malignant urologic conditions...

Lenox Health Greenwich Village (LHGV) is a state-of-the-art medical complex located in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. Lenox Health Greenwich Village, part of Northwell Health, represents a new model of community-based care that seamlessly integrates health and wellness services with access to 24-hour emergency care and a full range of medical specialists.

There are many departments and services at Cohen Children's Medical Center, all of which serve you and your family.

There are many departments and services at Cohen Children's Medical Center, all of which serve you and your family.

Learn more about the dermatopathology available at Northwell Health.

Learn more about the wide range of detoxification programs at Northwell Health.

Many intra-cardiac defects eventually require closure with devices, such as plugs and coils, to keep the patient healthy.

Staten Island University Hospital uses the latest medical advances to treat disorders of the endocrine system, such as diabetes. We provide effective methods of diabetes treatment and diabetes self-management education...

Diabetes insulin pump therapy (subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy) involves the use of a (usually mobile) insulin pump to continuously pump insulin through plastic tubing attached to a needle under the skin near the abdomen...

Cohen Children’s provides intensive and continuous diabetes education for patients, family members, school/hospital nurses and other health professionals. Our primary goal is to help them understand the nature of diabetes and how to manage and cope with it while still enjoying a full, happy life.

Participants of Northwell Health’s Education and Disease Management Programs benefit from the latest treatments and educational resources. Through our specially trained team of nurse practitioners, registered nurses and registered dietitians, we provide health and lifestyle assistance and support to those living with diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, COPD, kidney disease, heart disease and other conditions...

Reduction of pressure in diabetic foot care, known as offloading, is an essential aspect of neuropathic foot (diabetic) wound care. Foot pressures, shock and shear can be reduced with appropriately fitted shoes, insoles, and socks...

Diabetic foot care is a critical consideration for patients with diabetes who are at high risk for limb loss due to the circulatory issues the disease causes.

Learn about diabetic foot reconstruction surgery and the foot and ankle specialists who perform these procedures at Northwell Health.

Diabetic wound care is used to treat chronic wounds (e.g., those that have not shown any signs of healing within four to six weeks). These wounds are often associated with inadequate blood flow to the wound site...

There are many types of diagnostic vascular procedures, which are used to detect blockages or narrowing of the veins and arteries. These procedures provide critical diagnostic information in the evaluation of a variety of vascular diseases.

Maintaining a healthy weight can be tough for most people. However, making healthy changes to your eating and exercise habits is the ideal way to manage your weight...

A dilation and curettage procedure, also known as a D&C, is a procedure that removes tissue from your uterus to diagnose and treat uterine conditions.

Direct-to-implant reconstruction is an alternative to staged tissue expander reconstruction. While tissue expander reconstruction requires that the breast be gradually stretched over time, direct-to-implant reconstruction is a procedure in which permanent implants are inserted directly into the breasts after a mastectomy.

Learn more about disconnection surgery for epilepsy at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center of the Neuroscience Institute at Northwell Health.

Rheumatology is a subspecialty of internal medicine. Doctors who specialize in rheumatology are referred to as rheumatologists. They diagnose and focus on non-surgical treatment of arthritis and related rheumatic diseases...

Doppler ultrasound is a noninvasive ultrasound technique that assesses blood flow to ensure your baby is getting enough blood to sustain adequate growth.

Drug Abuse Evaluation Health Referral Service (DAEHRS) is a comprehensive outpatient treatment program that provides services to community members whose lives have been impacted by substance use disorders.

Release surgery is used to correct Dupuytren’s contracture, a disease that usually begins with a thickening of the skin in the palm of the hand. Eventually the disease may develop into a thick band that could make your fingers contract or pull into the palm of your hand. The exact cause of Dupuytren's contracture is unknown, though it is thought to be a hereditary disease and not related to overuse or injury of the hand.

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Dynamic treatments for facial paralysis help restore active movement to the face while static procedures help support the tissues of the face or may passively assist a part of the face in moving.

Learn about dystonia treatments at the Northwell Health Neuroscience Institute’s Movement Disorders Center.