3D Endoscopic Surgery

3D Endoscopic Surgery

If you have a pituitary tumor, which is a type of skull base tumor, your doctor may recommend a treatment for your tumor that was pioneered here at the Skull Base Center.

The Visionsense VSII three-dimensional (3D) endoscope camera system allows your surgeon to precisely locate your tumor and view it clearly in 3D, so that the tumor can be completely and safely removed.  The 3D camera sensor is a microchip located at the end of the endoscope, only a few millimeters from the surgical field.

With this 3D miniature camera system, your surgical team wears special 3D glasses, similar to those used to view 3D movies in theaters. This gives them a more accurate view or your pituitary gland, and your tumor, to help them achieve the best possible outcome from the treatment.


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