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For patients

We have policies and procedures in place to help you and your family get the most from your hospital stay. This information can be found in our Patient Guide. Please take a few minutes to review these guidelines with your loved ones.

Patient Bill of Rights

Staten Island University Hospital prioritizes the well-being, comfort, and dignity of the patient. Every patient has the right to receive treatment without discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, gender expression or disability, in addition to other important rights. In carrying out this principle, it is recognized that the patient has certain rights in his/her relationship with this hospital. Parents or guardians may exercise these rights for minors. Guardians or surrogates may exercise these rights for individuals who are incapacitated or incompetent. The rights outlined in this policy apply equally to inpatients, outpatients, and Emergency Department patients, regardless of age.

About your stay

Patient support

You have the right to surround yourself with the people in your life who offer support and comfort during your hospital stay. When you stay with us, you're encouraged to name up to three trusted individuals to be part of your care team. You can change these names at any time.

The following are the three support roles available: 

  • Health care agent: Also known as a health care proxy, this is an individual appointed to make decisions about treatment for the patient if he or she becomes unable to decide for himself or herself. The appointed individual’s name should be documented on a healthcare proxy form
  • Patient representative: An individual designated to help the patient make healthcare decisions, carry out patient’s preferences and rights, and participate in the plan of care
  • Support person: this individual may be a family member (as defined by the patient), friend, or another person who supports the patient during the course of the hospital stay
  • Patients can choose who can and cannot visit them while they are in our healthcare facility without regard to legal relationship, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

Language and communication access services (LCAS)

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Health Literacy (ODIHL) provides language and communication access services in an effort to meet the needs of our diverse populations. Communicating effectively in the preferred languages of our patients and community is a priority. The ODIHL collaborates with each facility and provides resources for assessing, monitoring, overseeing and ensuring the facility’s LCAS. To ensure meaningful access to healthcare services for people with limited English proficiency (LEP) or people whose preferred language is not English, free medical interpretation and document translation services are available 24/7. Sign language interpretation services for our Deaf and hearing-impaired patients, and specific communication tools for our speech-impaired patients are also available. Language assistance coordinators are available at each facility to provide support, guidance and to ensure that our patients’ communication needs are met. For more information, please call (718) 226-8435.

Special accommodations

Please inform the staff of any special needs you may have. Wheelchairs, communication boards, transfer board, large-print materials, sign language interpreters, assisted-listening devices, closed-captioned TVs, amplified phones, and other accommodations—including mobility equipment—are available upon request.

For the hearing impaired, we provide TeleTypewriters (TTYs), hearing-aid compatible handsets, and pocket talker amplified listeners. For more information, please dial the rental desk at ext. 9124.


Please leave all medications at home. The medications you will be taking as a patient must be prescribed by your physician in the hospital and dispensed by the hospital pharmacy. Medication that you may have been taking at home might interfere with the medication you’re given as a patient. Bring a list of the medications you take at home and give it to the nurse or physician at the time of your admission. While at home, keep a list of the medications you are taking including the name of the medication, dose, and how often you take it. When you leave the hospital, update this list with any changes. Keep this list with you at all times.

Patient meals

A member of the dietary staff will offer you menu selections before each meal. Meals are served:

  • Breakfast: 7:30 am to 9 am
  • Lunch: 11:30 am to 1 pm
  • Dinner: 4:30 pm to 6 pm

If you arrive in your room after a meal window, you may be served a standard tray. Kosher meals are available upon request. 

Worship services

North site:
A Catholic Mass is celebrated at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, and at 1:30 p.m. on Sundays and Holy days.

South site:
Mass is celebrated Saturdays at 5 pm. All services are in the main conference rooms and are viewable on TV Channel 15.

Pastoral care

Because time spent in the hospital can be one of spiritual growth and healing, Pastoral Care is available to support your needs with priests, rabbis, ministers and pastoral care associates. Call ext. 9435 to request the sacraments, communion, confession, and/or anointing, or to request your personal clergy person. Bikur Cholim is located in Room 2D22 (North site).


When your doctor feels that you are ready to leave the hospital, he or she will authorize a hospital discharge. Please speak with your nurse about our discharge procedures. If you are discharged in the morning, please arrange for a family member to pick you up as soon as possible. Another patient may be in the Emergency Department waiting for a room.


Daily room and board charge

This covers the cost of your room, meals, nursing, day-to-day operating costs and, where applicable, private room surcharge.

Ancillary services

You or your HMO/insurance company may receive several bills. Only one is from the hospital. All tests, including blood and urine samples, X-rays, and other diagnostic tests and procedures ordered by your physician, medications from the pharmacy, and costs for the operating room are charged separately to all patients at a standard rate.

Physicians’ bills

Many tests that are done require the involvement of a physician who specializes in the particular area. For example, X-rays must be interpreted by a radiologist. In many instances, you may never see that physician yourself. In others, like anesthesiology, the physician will interview and/or examine you. Each of these physicians, regardless of whether you have direct contact with them, assists you by performing or interpreting your tests and are entitled to bill for their services. If you have questions about a particular bill, the quickest way to get an answer is to call the phone number on that particular bill. Anesthesiology questions can be answered at (718) 226-9290.


If you are in need of assistance with your hospital billing, please contact the hospital billing office at (877) 483-2212.

Financial resources

Pay a bill 

If you have been in the hospital, you have a lot of details to manage once you get home. Paying your bill shouldn’t add to your list.  Our online bill pay service is safe, easy, and secure.

Need financial assistance?

Northwell Health has programs to help patients who qualify pay their bills and determine healthcare costs.

Is my insurance accepted?

Our representatives will help submit insurance claims on behalf of patients.

If you are uninsured, you may be able to obtain health insurance through the New York State Marketplace.

Patient and Family Partnership Council

Every voice makes a difference!

The Northwell team invites you to join our Patient and Family Partnership Council. This is a dedicated group of patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals who partner together to create meaningful changes within our hospital. We value your experiences, insights, and ideas to help develop our hospital services. Click here to download the Patient and Family Partnership Council application.

Join a partnership between families and staff and have your voice heard.

The Patient and Family Partnership Council is a partnership between families and Northwell staff to promote and support patient and family-centered (PFCC) values and to help shape hospital services. We also have opportunities for patient and family membership to serve on several department-based PFCC councils.

You may apply at any time. PFPC groups meet for two hours once every month. When choosing members to serve on the PFPC, we consider diversity in culture, gender, parenting and hospital experiences.

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