Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Services (STARS)

Quality care

The STARS Rehabilitation staff truly understands the meaning of quality care and service. The licensed professionals are chosen as much for their compassion and caring as for their skill and experience. Their commitment to excellence is apparent in consistently high ratings on patient satisfaction surveys.

Speeding recovery with state-of-the-art technology

Each of our locations features equipment that helps staff design individual treatment programs and evaluate progress. Some of our featured services include:

STARS Rehabilitation at Hofstra University

Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Services (STARS) is the exclusive physical therapy provided for the Hofstra University Athletic Department. Our STARS Rehabilitation therapists provide care at the university and work with a team of health care and sports performance professionals, including certified athletic trainers, physicians, and strength and conditioning specialists.

The STARS Rehabilitation team

Our licensed, friendly therapists use the latest rehabilitation techniques to guide patients every step of the way.