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  • Interventional Cardiology

For over fifty years, our board certified physicians and highly trained clinical staff have provided superior clinical care to the community. We offer a wide array of office based cardiac services and superior commitment to communication and immediate availability to ensure quality care and the optimum for each patient. These unique qualities have earned us our distinguished reputation, among patients, for providing comprehensive, patient centered care for adults with heart disease.

Here is a listing of some of the comprehensive services we provide: Anticoagulation Monitoring, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Cardiac Athletic Evaluations, Cardiac Clearances, Cardiac Consultations and Follow Up Visits, Cardiac Rhythm Analysis, Coumadin Clinic To Provide Education, Blood Testing, Dosage Adjustments and Other Services to Insure Expert Anticoagulation TherapyPacemaker Clinic for Cardiac Device Maintenance, Diabetes and Nutrition Counseling, Echocardiogram (Produces Live Images To Determine Functioning of Heart and Valves), EKG (Electrocardiogram To Test the Electrical Activity of the Heartbeat), Exercise and Nuclear Stress Testing, Heart Failure Management, Holter Monitors (Wearable Device To Track Heart Rhythm), Loop Recorders (Record Electrocardiographic Activity During A Symptomatic Event), MUGA Scan (Multi Gated Acquisition Scan) to Evaluate the Heart's Structure and Pumping Function, Pacemaker and ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) Monitoring To Help Treat Irregular Heartbeats, Pacemaker Clinic for Cardiac Device MaintenanceVascular Studies (Ultrasound Technology to Assess Blood Flow in Veins and Arteries in Arms, Legs and Neck), Vaccinations, Vascular Studies (Ultrasound Technology to Assess Blood Flow in Veins and Arteries in Arms, Legs and Neck), Vascular Testing. For more information on other services please call us.

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