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Your hospital stay

The focus at North Shore University Hospital is on comprehensive care for our patients. Your comfort and safety during your hospital stay are very important to us. Learn more about our amenities and recommendations.

About your room

North Shore University Hospital offers private, semi-private and deluxe rooms, all nonsmoking. If you request a private room, a Patient Access Services Representative will review any additional cost details with you before assigning the room to you.

For your comfort, you may adjust your room’s temperature with the unit located below the window. The remote control devices that are accessible from your bed allow you to:

  • Raise or lower the lights over your headboard
  • Control your TV
  • Change the position of your bed
  • Call your nurse

While you are a patient here, we recommend the following:

  • Please do not get out of bed by yourself or leave your room without your doctor’s permission.
  • If you do get out of bed, first make sure the bed is in the lowest position.
  • If you leave your room, please let the nursing staff know where you are.
  • Please do not leave the unit unless you are with a staff member.
  • Patients whose heart activity is being monitored through telemetry must remain on their unit. The technology will stop working if you leave the unit.
  • Please do not get in or out of a wheelchair without help. Be sure that the brakes are locked when you are getting in or out of the wheelchair.

Recommendations for safe bathroom use:

  • The bathroom in your room is only for patient use.
  • Visitor bathrooms are available in the hallway.
  • Use the bathroom and shower only with your physician’s permission.
  • An emergency call chain is available if you need help.

In-room televisions

For our patients’ entertainment, we offer television service at a reasonable rate. To learn more and order service, call (516) 562-2225 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TV service includes:

  • Basic and premium cable channels
  • Movies
  • All closed-captioned programming for the hearing impaired
  • Free hospital information, education and relaxation videos on demand through pCare

Personal items for patients at North Shore University Hospital

Each patient will have a small, unlocked area to store personal items. Because we cannot be responsible for personal belongings, we recommend the following safeguards:

  • We strongly encourage you to leave your valuables at home, including jewelry, credit cards and cash. Please do not keep these items in your room.
  • If necessary, a safe is available in our Campus Security Office. Please speak with your nurse for further details.
  • If you need to keep personal items such as dentures, eyeglasses or custom appliances, with you, please make sure that your nurse or caregivers know that you have these items so they can be safeguarded.

Please note that:

  • The hospital is not responsible for lost or broken items unless these items were taken into our care, custody and control.
  • The hospital does not accept responsibility for items of value unless they are stored using the valuable envelopes, and the receipt is initialed appropriately.

If you lose something, please notify your nurse right away, and we will make every effort to help you find it. Unclaimed articles are turned in to the Environmental Services Department, where they are kept for 30 days. To inquire about lost items, please contact the NSUH Environmental Services Department at 516-562-4155.

Use of electrical appliances

You may use only battery-operated devices in your room. Electrical appliances are not permitted, including:

  • Electric razors
  • Hair dryers
  • Fans
  • Clocks
  • Radios
  • TVs, other than the one that is installed

Food and nutrition services

Nutrition is important to your ongoing recovery. We aim to provide the highest quality of nutrition and food services during your hospitalization. We offer a variety of food selections to provide you with the nutrients you need in the appropriate quantities. Options for your meals include:

  • Restaurant-style menu with extensive choices (based on prescribed diet order) offered daily for the same day’s lunch and dinner meal selections and breakfast selections for the next day.
  • Kosher, halal and vegetarian options available by request. Please inform your server or unit staff of any food preferences, intolerances or allergies.
  • Clinical nutrition services available by request or as deemed necessary by your provider or nurse

Our Nutrition and Dining Services staff will collect your completed menus every day to ensure that you receive the selections requested. You may call the Nutrition and Dining Services Department at (516) 562-4110 with any special food requests.

Your physician has ordered a diet for you based on your medical needs. Your meal choices may need to be changed to meet this order. Your time of admission, scheduled medical procedures and restricted diet will determine when and what types of meals you may order.

After your discharge from the hospital, nutrition will remain an integral part of your healing process. Before you leave, a registered dietitian may advise you on the appropriate dietary measures you will need. Based on your physician’s orders, you may also receive written materials to follow during your recovery period at home.

Support services

Language and Communications Access

North Shore University Hospital is committed to supporting the language needs of all patients during their visit. In order to meet patients’ medical needs and service expectations, we provide 24/7 access to more than 180 languages using telephonic interpreters. Services for the deaf and hearing impaired are also available.

Learn more about our Language and Communication Access Services Program.

Patient & Family Partnership Council at North Shore University Hospital

Every voice makes a difference! The NSUH team invites you to join our Patient and Family Partnership Council. This is a dedicated group of patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals who partner together to create meaningful changes within our hospital. We value you experiences, insights and ideas to help develop our hospitals’ services. Click to download the Patient and Family Partnership Council application.

Private Nursing Services

At North Shore University Hospital, we provide you with the medical attention and nursing care you need to ensure a rapid and safe recovery. For your added comfort and convenience, you may decide to supplement our services with your own private nurse.

Registered Nurses and Certified Nurse Assistants from Northwell Health Staffing Services provide one-on-one professional care dedicated exclusively to your recovery. You can get help with personal hygiene, feeding, mobility, companionship and communication with hospital personnel. Call 866-831-2206 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or read more about Private Duty Nurse Services to learn more.

Home care through North Shore University Hospital

Whether you need a nurse, therapist, other medical professionals or just a little help with personal care, we can bring high-quality, specialized care to you in the comfort of your home. Our home health care services, offering care in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Staten Island and the New York metropolitan area, provides a network of caring professionals dedicated to helping you achieve a complete recovery.

The Northwell Health Home Care Network provides a broad range of home care services for all patients, from infants to the elderly. Our services include:

  • Nursing
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Speech and language pathology
  • Wound and skin specialists
  • Social work
  • Home health aides

Services may be covered through Medicare, Medicaid and Managed Care insurance plans. Private pay home aide services are also available. To learn more about our range of services, please call (866) 651-4200 or read more about home health care.

Free senior telephone helpline (Senior Navigator)

Need help navigating the maze of services available as you or a loved one gets older? The Senior Navigator program is a free information, referral and assistance center designed to help seniors and their families find and access services. A team of professional social workers and trained volunteers are here to provide you with support, comfort, information and guidance. Call (888) 243-6272 or read more about senior navigator services.

Chaplaincy Services

Chaplains are available for patients and their families of all faiths and cultural beliefs in stressful, life-changing, or transitional moments to find meaning, hope, connection and comfort. All our chaplains are clinically trained and provide quality spiritual care that is informed by best practices and centered on the needs of patients and families. Learn more by visiting the Chaplaincy Services webpage or call (516) 562-3991. 

Patient satisfaction

Your health care is our priority. To determine where improvements are needed, we participate in the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey. The HCAHPS survey measures your satisfaction with the quality of your care. It is a standardized tool for measuring and reporting satisfaction across all hospitals in the U.S.

HCAHPS makes survey results public so hospitals are aware of where changes are needed. The results also enable health care consumers to review and compare hospitals before choosing a health care provider.

After you are released from the hospital, you may be selected to participate in the HCAHPS survey. The survey asks questions about your hospital stay. Please take the time to fill out the HCAHPS survey—your feedback is valuable.

Patient Bill of Rights

Every patient has the right to receive treatment without discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, gender expression or disability, in addition to other important rights. Learn more about your rights as a patient here.

Medical Records

(516) 465-8922

Call for your medical records

Health Information Management Offices can help patients access copies of medical records.  Copies of medical records are available for patients and physicians with the proper authorization. 

Billing and insurance

Financial resources

Pay a bill 

If you have been in the hospital, you have a lot of details to manage once you get home. Paying your bill shouldn’t add to your list.  Our online bill pay service is safe, easy, and secure.

Need financial assistance?

Northwell Health has programs to help patients who qualify pay their bills and determine healthcare costs.

Is my insurance accepted?

Our representatives will help submit insurance claims on behalf of patients.

If you are uninsured, you may be able to obtain health insurance through the New York State Marketplace.

Prenatal program

North Shore University Hospital's prenatal program offers access to comprehensive prenatal care for uninsured pregnant women, including those who do not have proof of citizenship. The program provides comprehensive medical and social work services throughout the entire pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care. Newborns receive medical coverage for a full year following birth. For additional information, please call (516) 622-5202.

Patient & visitor guide

Important information about North Shore University Hospital for patients & visitors

Office of Patient and Customer Experience

Patient and Customer Experience at Northwell Health aims to improve, challenge and lead the design of experiences our patients and customers desire.

Questions about medical costs?

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Visit our personal expense calculator or call us to get an estimate of charges for your upcoming procedure.

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