Center for Attention and Learning at Manhattan, Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital

Center for Attention and Learning at Manhattan, Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital

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The Center for Attention and Learning is a unique educational evaluation program for children who are struggling with attention and learning disabilities. While we focus primarily on children from low-income families in New York City, we evaluate children across the full socioeconomic range from the region. We are part of the Outpatient Center for Mental Health located on the fourth floor of the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital.

Why we matter

Although New York City schools work very hard to provide evaluations and services for children with learning and attention disabilities, many children don’t receive the full attention they need. Comprehensive evaluations are not always readily available for these children. We provide extensive evaluations and utilize the most recent testing tools available to assess a broad range of learning disabilities. Private evaluations are extremely costly and out of reach for most of the families seeking our help. Our fees are based on a sliding scale, so we are able to provide a tremendously important service for underserved children in New York City.

Our services

We provide a thorough evaluation to pinpoint the true nature of a child’s attention or learning disability. Once we understand why a child is struggling in school, we make recommendations to address the child’s individual issues and obtain the help they need. The services that we provide include:

  • Neuropsychological evaluations — We offer detailed neuropsychological evaluations conducted by pediatric neuropsychologists and written reports identifying the specific learning disabilities and/or attention disorders a child is experiencing. Based on the findings, we offer personalized recommendations for school and home. Evaluations consider emotional, biological and environmental factors.
  • Child advocacy assistance — Our advocates help children get the services they require for the type of education that fits their learning needs, such as securing educational services, accommodations and school placements.
  • Family support services — We help children and their families by educating them about the type of learning disability they are dealing with and help equip them with the necessary tools for approaching the future with hope and determination.
  • Referral assistance — For services that we are not able to offer directly to our families, we provide reliable referrals to other trusted agencies. These services include tutoring, psychotherapy and after school programs.

For parents

Parents are often the first ones to realize their child is having trouble learning, but it might be hard to recognize the exact nature of the problem your child is having and how to get your child the help that is needed.

We understand the stress you and your child are experiencing and we want to help. If you feel your child’s school isn’t providing needed services or simply doesn’t seem to understand that your child is having a problem at all, we can help you. We provide a screening process to determine if your family is eligible for our services, and if not, we provide assistance in helping you seek services elsewhere.

The Robin Hood Assessment Program

The Center for Attention and Learning originally received a Robin Hood Foundation Grant in 2010 to expand our services. We have since received four such grants and a leadership grant from the Robin Hood Foundation.  The grant allows us to provide services for educational organizations funded by the Robin Hood Foundation throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Staff training opportunities

We offer full-time, two-year post-doctoral fellowships and one-year externships to those interested in pediatric neuropsychology. Both training programs provide a comprehensive educational experience, giving the trainee exposure to neuropsychological assessment, educational advocacy, and current research and trends in the field.

We encourage a culture of intellectual curiosity and collegiality. Unique to our training program is an opportunity to participate in a broad range of professional relationships with outside agencies serving our children. We have developed a partnership with Advocates for Children of New York, a legal advocacy organization dedicated to fighting for the educational rights of children, especially those from low-income families. We have an ongoing training seminar with the organization, which is offered to our fellows and externs. All of our trainees are exposed to Committee on Special Education (CSE) hearings and school visits. Lenox Hill Hospital has outstanding Grand Round presentations, which all trainees are invited to attend. Grand rounds expose staff and trainees to current research and trends in the field of psychology, etc.

Our second year fellows participate in a special program, The Robin Hood Assessment Program, funded by the Robin Hood Foundation, a premier New York fundraising organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty. This program provides fully funded evaluations to families referred by other Robin Hood funded programs.

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210 E 64th St
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