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With a focus on prevention, early detection and progressive treatment of all stages and types of lung cancer, mesothelioma and thymoma, the diagnostic and therapeutic experts at the Lung Cancer Center — one of the largest lung cancer programs in the New York metropolitan area — take an individualized approach to patient care.

The center’s multidisciplinary teams have particular expertise in complex, high-risk cancers and provide a range of state-of-the-science interventions. Seventy-five percent of the center’s surgical patients benefit from minimally invasive procedures that result in quicker recoveries and improved long term prospects.

The center’s access to clinical trials involves promising new therapies, and weekly tumor boards include consultations with multiple specialists with expertise in lung cancer.

A Team of Experts. Coordinated Lung Cancer Treatment and Care.

A multidisciplinary team of lung cancer specialists collaborates and applies leading-edge treatment options and groundbreaking technologies to deliver the most advanced personalized lung cancer care with the least physical impact on the body. 

The distinguished specialists include experts in:

  • Thoracic surgery
  • Pulmonary medicine
  • Medical oncology
  • Radiation medicine
  • Chest radiology
  • Pathology
  • Oncology nursing
  • Oncology social services

Lung Cancer prevention programs

Northwell Health is actively involved with lung cancer prevention efforts as they relate to smoking prevention. The health system maintains smoke-free facilities and campuses for the health of its patients, visitors and employees. In addition, the Northwell Health Center for Tobacco Control (CTC) is a smoking-cessation program that has helped thousands of Long Islanders quit smoking and has one of the highest success rates in the United States.

Expert Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Research shows CT (computed tomography) lung screening may detect lung cancer in its earliest and most treatable stages. When it’s found early, lung cancer has cure rates of up to 92 percent. The Lung Cancer Center offers a wide range of options for evaluative lung cancer staging (how far the disease has progressed) and treatment.

Lung cancer screening uses state-of-the-art, low-dose CT scans with reduced radiation to identify lung nodules, some of which may be cancerous. CT or CAT (computerized axial tomography) scans are more likely than routine chest X-rays to show lung tumors. A CT scan also can provide precise information about the size, shape, and position of lung tumors and can help find enlarged lymph nodes that might contain cancer that has spread from the lung. The CT scan uses X-rays to produce detailed cross-sectional images of your body. Unlike an X-ray, a CT scan creates detailed images of the soft tissues.

Early detection of lung cancer saves lives.

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Expert Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

The Lung Cancer Center offers a wide range of options to evaluative lung cancer staging (how far the disease has progressed) and treatment.

The center’s highly experienced lung cancer specialists use minimally invasive techniques and technologies — from time-tested methods to the most advanced or alternative applications — to improve the treatment of chest and lung cancers, decrease postoperative pain and recovery time, extend survival rates and relieve symptoms for patients with certain inoperable lung tumors.

Barbara Samson, cancer survivor

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Learn how the care of the Northwell Cancer Institute team is changing the fate of those living with lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

Patients receive the benefits of direct access to promising new therapies and pioneering clinical trials supported by the National Cancer Institute. Some of the studies available include:

  • A national study of early stage lung cancer compares surgery with stereotactic radiation in patients with poor lung function
  • A drug trial comparing initial treatment of chemotherapy with personalized therapies for anaplastic lymphoma kinase mutations

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The Feinstein Institute

The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research conducts research studies in an effort to find cures and treatments for the most common, debilitating and troubling diseases, including various cancers.

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