Lenox Hill Transfer Center

Lenox Hill Transfer Center


The Lenox Hill Transfer Center provides a simple and efficient way for physicians to transfer their patients with emergent/complex and procedural needs to Lenox Hill Hospital.

The Transfer Center offers:

  • Centralized triage and coordination for direct admission and transfer referrals
  • Staffing by critical care-experienced RNs
  • Clinical reports, hand-offs and EMS transportation coordination
  • Air medical transport coordination (if criteria are met)
  • Accessibility to the status of patient care for the referring physician

Initiating a transfer

Transfer is a simple, four step process:

  1. The physician calls 1-844-GO-TO-LHH (468-6544).
  2. The Transfer Center connects the physician to the attending physician for the requested service.
  3. The attending physician secures the acceptance.
  4. The Transfer Center does the rest – and lets the referring physician know when the patient is on the way.

In order to initiate a patient transfer, physicians must have the following information on hand:

  • Referring physician’s name and contact information
  • Patient’s current location and direct nurse contact information
  • Patient’s name, age, date of birth, and gender
  • Patient’s clinical status, diagnosis, and supporting clinical information
  • Desired specialty care or service required

(844) 468-6544

Call to initiate a patient transfer

Referring physicians, outstanding patient care and treatment for your patients is just a phone call away - (844)-GO-TO-LHH (468-6544).

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