Division of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital

Division of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital

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The team at the Division of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery focuses on the non-operative management of most conditions affecting the shoulder and elbow, reserving surgical intervention only for those patients who do not improve through conservative means. The surgeons strictly adhere to principles of evidence-based medicine, and offer their patients the most current, proven techniques in shoulder and elbow surgery. These include new and innovative techniques in shoulder and elbow arthroscopy, joint replacement including reverse shoulder replacement, tendon transfer, and revision surgery.

The Chief of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Francis X. Mendoza, is a true pioneer in the field. He completed fellowship training in the first program of its kind at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons under the direction of Charles Neer, MD, the father of modern shoulder surgery. Since completing his training, Dr. Mendoza has remained at the forefront of his specialty, and has maintained the division's firm commitment to providing superb, cutting-edge care of shoulder and elbow pathology. He has written extensively on the management of shoulder and elbow conditions in the scientific literature, and currently participates in the design of novel implants used in shoulder replacement surgery.

Lenox Hill Orthopaedics has supported Dr. Mendoza's vision with the recruitment of additional fellowship-trained surgeons with the same commitment to clinical excellence in shoulder and elbow surgery.

Conditions treated include:

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Francis Xavier Mendoza, MD

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Residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital

The Lenox Hill Hospital Department of Orthopaedics offers a five-year ACGME-accredited training program in orthopaedic surgery. The Department of Orthopaedics has 67 world class full-time or part-time attending and voluntary orthopaedic surgeons, and research scientists available to help train residents in the art of orthopaedics.

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