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Comprehensive Medical Weight Management Program

For individuals who are overweight and obese and are serious about losing weight on a sensible behavioral program, under the guidance of a physician, nutritionist, and psychologist

The Center for Weight Management is a unique program that focuses on the individual issues behind previous weight loss attempts. Our program includes a regimen for safe and effective weight loss with medical, nutritional and behavioral support.  You’ll learn the reasons past diets have not worked, the issues interfering with success and strategies for resolving them.

The program starts with a full medical evaluation in addition to a series of nutrition education classes.  This is followed up by evaluation by a psychologist and nutritionist.  Patients are expected to attend weekly group sessions run by our team that provide support in addition to psychological and nutritional education and coping strategies.  Patients will continue having individual sessions as well to assess progress, ensure medical safety and make adjustments as necessary.

Individual Obesity Medicine/Weight Management Consultations and Treatment

For patients interested in working with any of our care providers alone, our team is also available for individual consultations and treatment.  Dr. Kane is available at all three of our locations for one-on-one evaluations and long-term treatment.  As an obesity medicine specialist, he not only focuses on weight loss but also helps manage the many medical conditions associated with obesity.  Dr. Kane puts a strong emphasis on long-term weight maintenance after weight loss – an area where so many people struggle.  Additionally, the rest of our team is available for individual psychological and nutrition consultations as needed.

Evaluations and Preparation for Bariatric Surgery

For individuals who are defined as being 100 pounds or more over a recommended ideal weight, have a BMI greater than 40 or have a BMI of 35 or greater with medical comorbidities that are interested in a surgical option

Our program also supports individuals who are being evaluated for bariatric surgery.  Morbid obesity can cause or exacerbate other serious medical conditions, including high blood pressure, heart problems, sleep apnea, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes, endocrine and skin disorders, muscular-skeletal problems, and even cancer and psychological problems.  Poor body image, low self-esteem, severe depression, poor quality of life, and extreme mood shifts often occur.

Candidates for bariatric surgery will work closely with a psychologist and nutritionist to evaluate and assess their goals. The key to maximizing success is a patient who is well informed and prepared, both prior to and after surgery.

Pre-Surgical Weight Management

For pre and post bariatric surgery patients needing to follow a regimen prior to surgery

Preparation for Bariatric surgery and post-surgery weight management requires a multidisciplinary approach. Our weight management staff provides the essential services necessary for an effective program based on an individual’s needs and preferences. The core of the program includes a psychological evaluation, behavioral counseling, medical intervention and dietary evaluation.  However, food selection and preparation, lifestyle modification and stress management are all part of the complete program for successful weight management.

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