Center for Weight Management


221 Jericho Tpk.
Syosset, New York 11791

About us

At the Northwell Health Center for Weight Management, our Comprehensive Weight Management Program approaches weight loss with a humanistic and empathetic focus on behavioral strategies to optimize our patients’ overall health and quality of life. Our aim is to help adults lead healthier, more productive and longer lives. 

At the Center for Weight Management, we offer a multi-disciplinary approach involving medical, psychological and nutritional assessments followed by an individualized treatment plan. Our team consists of a physician, psychologist, and nutritionists who work with each patient to teach goal setting, medically-supervised weight/behavioral management, planning skills, and problem-solving. We strive to strengthen patient coping and behavioral strategies so each individual can learn to focus on self-awareness, quality of life and personal goals. 

Our patients’ dignity and self-esteem are always the top priority with the professionals at The Center for Weight Management. With our multi-disciplinary expertise, we are committed to helping our patients overcome barriers every step of the way while our patients work to create lifelong changes to patterns of eating and attitudes about health.

What Are The Benefits Of The Center for Weight Management?

  • Medical evaluations
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Nutritional evaluations
  • Surgical behavioral preparation and nutritional skills
  • Individualized treatment plans and meal plans
  • Supportive group treatment with Physician, Psychologist, and Nutritionist
  • Strategies to learn coping skills for behavior and dietary changes
  • Effective techniques to maximize weight loss through self-awareness and self-monitoring
  • Development of skills to deal with emotional triggers to overeating and your changing body, and fears of regaining weight
  • Maintenance coaching to reinforce techniques and identify any psychological problems that may lead to emotional, binge and/or overeating

Practice Locations:

  • Division of General Internal Medicine
    865 Northern Blvd., Suite 102
    Great Neck, NY 11021
  • Center for Weight Management
    221 Jericho Turnpike 1st Floor
    West Syosset, NY 11791
  • Manhattan Practice
    121A West 20th Street
    New York, NY 10011

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221 Jericho Tpk.
Syosset, New York 11791
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