Center for Thrombophilia and Adverse Outcomes in Pregnancy

Center for Thrombophilia and Adverse Outcomes in Pregnancy


The Center for Thrombophilia and Adverse Outcomes in Pregnancy is focused on the diagnosis and treatment needed to support women who have had a previous challenging pregnancy to have a healthy future pregnancy. The physicians at the center are maternal fetal medicine specialists who have completed an additional three years of fellowship training beyond an obstetrics and gynecology residency in order to gain a higher level of competency.


Thrombophilia refers to an inherited or acquired predisposition to develop blood clots, which can interfere with the body’s ability to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Many reports in the medical literature have linked some adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as recurrent miscarriage and various pregnancy complications, poor fetal growth, placental abruption, preeclampsia and stillbirth, with thrombophilia.

The center specializes in screening for this condition, so women can receive the proper treatment.

Preventing pregnancy loss

After dealing with a pregnancy loss or a complicated pregnancy, many women worry about the chances of this happening again. Effective prevention of adverse pregnancy outcomes is an area of active research in obstetrics. Fortunately, preventative therapy and effective treatments do exist, and the Center for Thrombophilia and Adverse Outcomes in Pregnancy is dedicated to helping pregnant women successfully manage this condition.

The comprehensive and multidisciplinary program offers answers and explanations to women who have experienced an adverse pregnancy outcome and recommends and coordinates treatment when it is indicated. The expert team of clinicians will work directly and closely with the patient’s referring obstetrician/gynecologist to accomplish this goal.

The center offers an unprecedented combination of expertise, technology and medical resources. The entire team is sensitive to both the physical and emotional aspects of treating thrombophilia and preventing recurrence of an adverse pregnancy outcome.

What to expect

Prior to a visit, one of the center’s nurse clinicians will contact the patient to review medical and obstetrical history. The nurse will also attempt to get medical records pertaining to the patient’s prior pregnancies and any tests that have already been performed. By compiling a detailed history of the patient’s health issues, the team will become fully educated about her unique situation and requirements, so that they can make the most accurate diagnosis possible.

After a thorough review of the patient’s history with the physician, a comprehensive evaluation will typically be ordered. This can include a detailed laboratory evaluation, ultrasound examinations, specialized genetic testing and any other tests that are indicated.

The patient will then have the opportunity to meet with the physician again to review the test results and to discuss the recommended treatment approach.

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