Center for Preconception Care

Center for Preconception Care


The Center for Preconception Care wants women to start off their pregnancies on the right foot and feel prepared for what is ahead.  The team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists understands that pregnancy is a challenging time in a woman’s life. The specialists in the center have completed years of additional clinical and ultrasound training beyond that of a general obstetrician. Maternal-fetal medicine doctors are at the forefront of diagnostic testing, effective therapies, and optimal pregnancy management.

When a woman meets with one of the specialists at the center, she can be sure that she and her family are in the most capable hands. Northwell Health provides a competent and compassionate team that offers the medical and emotional support that patients deserve.

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What happens at the first visit to the Center for Preconception Care?

Even before the first visit, one of the nurses will contact the patient to review her medical and obstetrical histories. With the patient’s permission the center obtains her medical records to review documentation from any previous pregnancies or hospitalizations along with recent diagnostic blood tests and imaging. This gives the specialist a better understanding of each woman’s unique needs and concerns.

When a woman arrives at the center, she will meet with one of the maternal-fetal medicine specialists. This is an OB/GYN that has completed additional years of training and specializes in the management of pregnancies that are complicated by maternal, fetal, or obstetric issues. 

After thoroughly discussing the patient’s history, additional tests may be recommended to further prepare for her pregnancy. These may include blood tests, imaging studies (X-rays, MRI), genetic tests, or consultation with a specialist in another field.

Following the preconception consultation, patients will more fully understand what to expect in the upcoming months, including the best management strategy to achieve the safest and healthiest pregnancy.

Once a woman become pregnant, she can hit the ground running and be confident that she started her pregnancy off in the best way possible.  The same maternal-fetal medicine specialists from the center can then co-manage the high-risk aspects of the pregnancy, along with the obstetrician of the patient’s choice, in an effective and convenient way.

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Our fellowship-trained physicians provide specialized care for women with high-risk pregnancies and work collaboratively with genetics counselors, nurses, neonatologists and pediatrics subspecialists to provide the best possible outcomes for each baby.