Sandra Atlas Bass Center for Liver Diseases

Sandra Atlas Bass Center for Liver Diseases


At the Northwell Health Sandra Atlas Bass Center for Liver Disease, board certified physicians provide specialized treatment and management for all aspects of liver diseases, including comprehensive evaluations for liver transplantations and post-surgical care. Under the leadership of Dr. David Bernstein, the multidisciplinary team of hepatologists, liver transplant surgeons, interventional radiologists, medical oncologists and other specialists combine their expertise with cutting-edge therapies to ensure the integrated and seamless delivery of patient care. Additionally, a patient navigator is there to help patients understand the complexities of the healthcare system and provide assistance with test scheduling, consultations and more. 


The Sandra Atlas Bass Center for Liver Disease includes a research program that is fully committed to advancing patient care, teaching and research. The center performs state-of-the-art clinical trials focusing on the treatment of liver disease in order to bring new treatments patients and their families. The general focus of these trials is to gain a better understanding of the nature and behavior of these diseases in an effort to develop more effective treatments.

The center is committed to the continued education of its physicians and staff to ensure it remains a forerunner in the area of liver disease research and treatment.  This commitment includes fostering inter-institutional collaboration with Hepatitis C virus experts outside of the center, allowing the team to continue to deliver the latest developments in research and treatment to the public.

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