Center for Cancer Genetics and Cancer Control

Center for Cancer Genetics and Cancer Control

The role of the Center for Cancer Genetics and Cancer Control at Northwell Health Cancer Institute is to identify individuals and families at increased risk of cancer and to reduce risk, diagnose, monitor and even prevent cancer through genetic risk assessment and disease management programs. 

Though there are several different factors that can cause cancer, five to ten percent of cancers are inherited, meaning that the cancer tends to run in some families. In these cases, an alteration in a gene — a part of every cell that determines traits, or characteristics, such as eye color — is passed from one generation to the next. The cancer itself isn’t inherited, however, just the mutated gene that can lead to cancer.

The Center for Cancer Genetics and Cancer Control provides lifesaving interventions aimed at reducing cancer risk for individuals carrying mutations in cancer genes, preventing the development of the disease and increasing life expectancy.

Cancer Control Program

The multidisciplinary team of specialists has a long-established legacy using chemo-prevention, genetic evaluation, conventional and unconventional symptom control and pain management techniques that reduce fatigue, nausea and other side effects, while enhancing overall quality of life. The Cancer Control Programs examine ways to reduce the incidence of cancer in the communities that the center serves, as well as ways to reduce disease-based and treatment-related symptoms. With a focus on individuals who are at high risk for developing specific cancers, the center provides counseling on how to minimize the onset of the disease. 

The center’s efforts also include examining ways to reduce the incidence of cancer in surrounding communities. 

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