Cardiology at Southside Hospital


The cardiology team at Southside Hospital continues to develop a heart health program that brings the world’s best heart care to Suffolk County. This provides patients in Suffolk County with a range of treatments and services that include:

Clinical expertise

As part of Northwell Health, Southside Hospital has access to exclusive clinical trials, research, equipment and expertise to deliver evidence-based treatments. 

To further advance cardiac care, the team provides:

  • Expertise – We provide comprehensive cardiac services that include preventive care, diagnostic testing, noninvasive imaging, cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology.
  • Technology  Southside Hospital continually invests in the best technology available, including state-of-the-art imaging equipment. The division’s high-definition equipment can produce 3D images of a patient’s internal organs. Our detailed imaging capability helps physicians deliver patients quality care and precise treatments.
  • Patient-centered care  Our cardiology team treats the whole patient – not just the disease. Treatments are tailored for each patient’s specific needs and desired outcomes. To achieve this, care teams include board-certified physicians and expertly trained nursing staff. During every step of care, Southside Hospital includes the input of patients and their families.

Research & clinical trials

We are at the forefront of groundbreaking treatments and novel services because of our ongoing commitment to heart research. By participating in research and clinical trials, our physicians are able to provide patients with medical treatments of the future – today.

Learn more about the cardiac clinical trials available to Northwell Health patients.


Northwell Health is dedicated to advancing heart care through groundbreaking research and innovative treatments.