Comprehensive care structure

Because cancer treatment usually involves several disciplines of care – surgery, chemotherapy and radiation – our institution serves as a hub for our multidisciplinary cancer care program. Within our three-story facility, in tandem with the technology and specialty services of the main hospital building, the Institute offers a structure for care that gives new meaning to the word comprehensive.

  • An extensive outpatient treatment area
  • A dedicated service for pediatric care
  • Examination and consultation rooms
  • A 60-seat conference center
  • Laboratory services including clinical pathology, research, cytogenetics and flow cytometry
  • A dedicated on-site pharmacy
  • A psychiatric oncology service
  • A Cancer hotline number to give you and the public access to cancer information
  • A nutritional service that is an active participant in both treating and preventing disease
  • A social work program to help you and your family confront the fears and anxieties of cancer
  • Support groups and education programs if you or a loved one is living with cancer
  • Radiation oncology, which offers a full range of therapeutic services and three powerful linear accelerators
  • A diagnostic imaging department which is physically attached to the center and includes CT scan, low-dose mammography approved by the American College of Radiology, stereotactic fine needle biopsy, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear imaging and diagnostic radiology
  • A cytopheresis and plasmapheresis unit to collect platelets and peripheral stem cells to support the Institute's autologous bone marrow transplantation program and treat both malignant and benign disorders
  • A fine-needle breast biopsy facility that can often spare you an extensive surgical diagnostic procedure

The expert team at the medical oncology and hematology division specializes in leading-edge chemotherapy and immunotherapy. We also offer hormonal and biological therapy. We ensure that you receive the most effective chemotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy treatments available. Our goal is to empower you with information and to make you a partner in your treatment plan. We are driven to deliver the very best possible outcomes.

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