Burn Center at Staten Island University Hospital

Burn Center at Staten Island University Hospital

Jerome L. Finkelstein, MD, Regional Burn Center

“A burn can change a life forever.” - Dr. Michael Cooper, head of the Staten Island University Hospital's Jerome L. Finkelstein, MD, Regional Burn Center

Such insight into the nature of burn injuries is at the root of our Burn Center’s family-centered care philosophy. Established in 1998 by the center’s namesake, our 10-bed intensive care unit focuses on the healing of a patient's body and mind. Our center gives families 24-hour access to their loved one's bedside and involves them in every aspect of the healing process.

Types of burns

  • Local burns - smaller burns that require pain medication, dressing changes, and antibiotics
  • Large burns - cover more than 15 percent of the body, with a higher risk of complications rerlated to breathing, damage to the lungs and heart, and infection.


Taking care of burn patients requires delicate care and a compassionate team of healers. Our center is known nationally for its treatment of pediatric burns. The comprehensive approach taken by our clinical team is viewed as a natural extension of Staten Island University Hospital Northwell Health's trauma services, with most burn patients admitted from the Emergency Department (ED).

Burn trauma

The burn-trauma room in our new Elizabeth A. Connelly Emergency Trauma Center supplies the burn team everything necessary to provide care for all types of burn patients who enter through the ED. We are also helicopter accessible, making the Staten Island University Northwell Health Burn Center a regional resource for you and your loved ones.


The center’s staff consists of a multidisciplinary team that includes anesthesiology, pediatrics, nursing, psychiatry, rehabilitation medicine, pulmonary care service and case management.


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