Tello, MD


(212) 702-7620

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Member of Northwell Health Physician Partners
Languages spoken:
English, Portuguese, Spanish


Board certifications:

  • Ophthalmology - American Board of Ophthalmology

Administrative titles

  • Chairman of Ophthalmology, Lenox Hill Hospital

Academic titles

  • Clinical Professor, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Medical school

  • La Universidad De Cuenca


  • New York Eye and Ear Infirmary


  • St Barnabas Medical Center


  • New York Eye and Ear Infirmary


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Locations & insurance

MEETH Ophthalmology

  • 210 East 64th Street
    New York, NY 10065

    Fax: (212) 702-7678

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Most recent comments:

Patient comments are gathered from the Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey. Comments are displayed in their entirety and are anonymous for patient privacy.

"Dr. Tello and his staff is wonderful"

"I would recommend him with all confidence."

"All good."

"Dr. Tello has been my doctor for several years. No complaints."

"DESPITE the wait, Dr. Tello was focused & made sure to explain everything to me - Even though I thought he was overly cautious & conservative - not a bad thing for a dr."

"Dr. Tello is always patient and caring. Provides answers to all questions in a concise, clear manner. His decisions are what is best for the patient. Excellent care giver/doctor."

"can't be better thanks"

"Dr. Tello is an excellent doctor."

"Dr. Tello is a wonderful physician."

"THE BEST intelligent great manner's. Just a great doctor knows his profession well."

"Dr Tello and his staff provides excellent service to the patients very helpful in all circumstances give full attention to your needs even though some of the patients are very rude and impatient."

"Dr. Tello is not just very good he is first class excellent!"

"Dr. Tello far exceeds a "very good" rating he is totally professional yet compassionate hard to find in health care today."

"no complaints"

"Dr. Tello is an incredible physician. I cannot say enough good things about him. His patient care manner is superb."

"very high standard of treatment"


"It is clear that the staff work well with one another and respect one another. This, in turn, passes on to the patients. The attitude of the place is tops."

"Very good."

"When he talked with me he was on the computer probably checking my data. The intervention I had with him was short. He give me a prescription, explained how to take it and why he was giving it, and asked me to see him again in a few months. Earlier I had mentioned a symptom I experienced recently, and he followed up with a question--whether they had sent me to see someone else. I said no. Maybe if I felt we had a bit more time, I would have followed up with him about these questions. At the same time, I felt that if I truly needed follow-up, he would have told me. My confidence in him is strong based on my previous appointments with him."

"Dr. Tello helped control my glaucoma, and for that I will always be grateful"

"I needed more detailed information about my condition and medication."

"Dr. Tello is a kind, skilled and intelligent doctor - he is reassuring when we need it and does so, with factual information relevant to the need."

"Great Dr. - Saw him briefly -"

"The genius of this doctor is why I been with him since 2010 at NY Eye and ear hospital on 14th street, Manhattan."

"Can't say enough about Dr. Tello. He is the best!"

"Dr. Tello is fantastic. Trust him implicitly."

"Dr. Tello & staff are excellent. Waiting time has improved but still long."

"Very good experience. I definitely had a great deal of confidence in the process and the professionals."

"An overall positive visit! I trust Dr. Tello and his staff!"

"Very good experience during my time as patient."

"He is a warm,friendly,extremely well qualified doctor who takes the utmost care of his patients (me included). I would recommend him always."

"Dr. Celso Tello is an extraordinary doctor and human being."

"I was nervous, and he (and the rest of his staff) were lovely."

"Very good & helpful in understanding my condition."

"Dr. Tello has been my eye physician for many years and has done my 2nd laser surgery with him. I wouldn't trust any other Dr. other then him. He is exceptional."

"Everything went well."

"I serached a long time to find someone with this level of excellence and providing this level of comfort."

"Dr. Tello is known as one of the top ophthalmologist/glaucoma experts in N.Y. Many of us w/difficult vision issues come by way of recommendation by other patients & doctors. He is a blessing to us from God. You are also very fortunate to have Dr. Tello on your staff."

"Dr. Tellow is an excellent doctor."

"Excellent doc team. I always recommend the facility to my friends."

"Very informative, Dr.Tello made sure that I understood."

"Dr. Tello is the most wonderful, kind, intelligent doctor. I trust him completely."

"Dr. Tello is awesome!!! The best doctor."

"Dr. Tello is very caring!"

"Very good provider; with compassion, caring, dedication, excellent glaucoma specialist; very professional; PATIENTS are 1st concern & priority."

"Very good experience"

"The care provider was excellent, and handle my medical condition."

"Excellent doctor. Very satisfied with care provided."

"He saved my right eye after a botched surgery in Westchester."

"Dr. Tello is a great physician and surgeon. I like his manner and find him highly competent."

"MD showed compassion, caring, commitment highly professional skilled specialist, patients #1 priority rather than self."

"Dr. Tello is outstanding."

"Everything went fine no bad experience."

"The best of the best."

"I have experienced Dr. Tello to be a caring, loving, kind and compassionate Glaucoma specialist."

"I have been with Dr. Tello for approx 20 years. I wouldn't trust anyone but him with my care. Everytime I am frustrated with the wait time, I remind myself that I have the best doctor and so I continue to come."

"I have recommended him to many friends and family."


"I told him about my son's eye condition and if he would interested in seeing him. He said yes. I will follow up"

"They are the best!"

"I feel very good since they were very attentive."

"Expertise with glaucoma is superior."

"Dr. Tello is an excellent dr. I will never go to another dr. for for any treatment."

"My experience with the doctor is very good."

"Dr Tello is very caring when it comes to my condition. He has saved my vision and is still working to improve my sight."

"The doctor is an excellent doctor -"


"V. good."

"Very good exp."

"Dr. Tello is the most caring, competent physician. He gives me confidence that everything will be all right."

"Doctor & staff very good and helpful."

"Very good experience."

"It takes FOREVER before you see Dr. Tello, he often makes the visit feel rushed, but his expertise is worth it."

"Good experience."