Lora R
Weiselberg, MD

Hematology, Medical Oncology, Internal Medicine

(516) 734-8963

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Member of Northwell Health Physician Partners
Languages spoken:


Board certifications:

  • Hematology - American Board of IM/Hematology
  • Internal Medicine - American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Medical Oncology - American Board of IM/Medical Oncology

Academic titles

  • Associate Professor, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Medical school

  • New York Medical College


  • Stamford Hospital


  • North Shore University Hospital


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Locations & insurance

The Monter Cancer Center

  • 450 Lakeville Road
    Lake Success, NY 11042

    Fax: (516) 734-8862

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Most recent comments:

Patient comments are gathered from the Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey. Comments are displayed in their entirety and are anonymous for patient privacy.

"Dr. Weiselberg is an exemplary physician and healer. I have complete confidence in her management of my care. She listens carefully to my concerns and provides very thorough explanations. I leave my visit feeling good & knowing I have received excellent care."

"Dr. Weiselberg is a caring, wonderful dr.!!"

"Dr. Weiselberg has always been an extremely thorough practitioner. she spends time of making sure all follow ups are being completed and intervenes for you when there not."

"You need to clone Lora Weiselberg. The best!!!"

"I like Dr. Weiselberg, MD. Well manner, I could understand her, she writes on the paper what I need and what to do. She is great."

"Dr. Weiselberg is the best. She listens to me & answers with compassion & caring. She also knows how to put me at ease... I like when she makes a joke!"

"Dr. Lora Weiselberg is a very caring physician I rate her at an A+."

"Dr. Weiselberg takes her time with you. You feel she wants to talk to you. She is informative, helpful. I have full confidence in her as my doctor. She really cares about my health."

"Dr. Weiselberg is excellent doctor with her knowledge & bedside manner"

"Dr. Weiselberg is by far the most knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. Her trust for me has been awesome since day one."

"Dr. Weiselberg is an excellent doctor - have been going to her for 14 years."

"Love Dr. Weiselberg."

"Dr. Weiselberg was amazing! Knowledgeable, warm, caring, through, a true gem."

"I've been seeing Dr. Lora Weiselberg for 26 yrs. Dr. Weiselberg is amazing how she cares for all my needs. She is my ANGEL."

"Lora Weiselberg is the best!!! She's the best since 1994!!!"

"In addition to being an excellent physician, Dr. Weiselberg is warm, shows interest and inspires confidence."

"I have been a patient for 14 years. Love Dr. Weiselberg and would recommend her to anyone. She always listens, never rushes me out, and I trust her judgement implicitely"

"Dr. Weiselberg is a wonderful & caring physician. I recommend her to anybody I know that needs a breast oncologist. She is the best!!"

"Dr. Weiselberg is excellent - kind & caring & instills confidence."

"I've been a patient of Dr. Weiselberg's for 20 years. The quality of care from my first apt. and all phase there after could not be surpassed. Dr. Weiselberg saved my life."

"Dr. Weiselberg is a gem! A++."

"Dr. Weiselberg has guided me since 1993 through two separate _____. Her medical care has been great and her talking to me has kept me emotional grounded. Our relationship is warm and I have the greatest respect for her."

"Dr. Weiselberg does not rush you out of the office this gives the patient confidence in dealing with the difficult reason a patient you there."

"Dr. Weiselberg is the most professional, knowledgeable, considerate and competent physician I have ever dealt with."

"She's the best, very qualified and professional."

"Dr. Weiselberg came very highly recommended. I know why now - she is thorough, kind, gentle, caring. 8. Amazing."

"No medications Dr. Weiselberg is an excellent doctor. I have 100% faith in everything she says."

"Dr L Weiselberg has been my physician for the past 12 years. I am so thankful to have been referred to her. She is not only very knowledgeable, professional and competent, but Dr Weiselberg makes me feel cared for and is very attentive to my concerns and needs. I could not ask for a better oncologist for my condition! Please feel free to share my comments with her."

"Dr. Weiselberg is the best! So thorough and caring."

"I think this care provider is excellent. She is caring, thorough and knowledgable."

"Love Dr. Weiselberg!! She spends a lot of time with you, is very thorough & personable."

"dr. Weiselberg is the most wonderful,caring and knowledgeable doctor I know"

"Dr. Weiselberg is an invaluable medical professional. She is involved, compassionate and attends to my overall care. She advocates and stops it to provide me with complete care as an individual and not just as a career survivor. She should be valued for the asset she is to the Health System."

"Dr. Weiselberg is a caring, knowledgeable empathetic physician."

"I really like my doctor."

"Always good."

"You could not get any better than Dr. Weiselberg."

"Great dr.!!"

"Doctor was very, very thorough, caring and dedicated to my overall health related outcome. She suggested and recommended that I should attend to certain health related problems -"

"Dr. Weiselberg is the BEST!"

"Dr. Weiselberg has been my doctor for 20 years. She is always on top of my medical care as a doctor. She always takes the time to answer any questions or concerns I had."

"Lora Weiselberg is one of the best physicians I have had the pleasure of working with. I have already recommended her to family and friends."

"Dr. Lora Weiselberg is an asset to the institution. She is very through, very knowledgeable, very experienced, and is very kind to the patients. I feel I get the best individual care. Discusses treatment options, listens to my concerns and decisions are made together so as to allow me a good quality of life. To me , she is God-sent! I wish her well!"

"Dr. Weiselberg is knowledge, professional and very thorough. Excellent physician."

"Dr. Weiselberg is an excellent provider - very patient & caring."

"I have been Dr. Weiselberg's patient for over 21 years and have the ultimate confidence in her ability. She is wonderful!"

"Poor patient rapport."

"#9. Excellent."

"Dr. Weiselberg is one of the most professional yet understanding doctors. She is so knowledgeable not only in her field but a wonderful diagnostician overall. Though she has a very busy day she does not rush you out. She answers all questions and informs me of new information pertaining to my well being. I would recommend her to everyone in need of her specialty."

"I have been using Dr. Weiselberg for the past 20 years. She is a very good doctor who has compassion for your illness. Very easy to talk to about your questions. I would recommend her very highly."

"Dr. Weiselberg has over the last 23 years always been caring, straight forward & open to all and any of my questions & fears."

"I have already recommended Dr. Weiselberg to a friend."

"Dr. Weiselberg is an excellent doctor. She saved my life!! I thank God for her expertise, her care and her understanding."

"Dr. Weiselberg has been my oncologist for 34 years. I have extreme respect for her and would recommend her to anyone who needs an oncologist."

"Dr. Weiselberg has been my oncologist since 1994 and she's as wonderful or better now as she was back then!"

"She is a fabulous doctor & person. #1. Dr. Weiselberg."

"I have complete confidence & esteem for Dr. Weiselberg's expertise, clinical judgment & rapport."

"consistently appointments with dr Weiselberg are excellent experiences.. I trust her immensely and always follow her recommendations!! she has my highest respect as a doctor and a wonderful physician in every aspect"

"Dr. Weiselberg has been my oncologist for 19 years. She is knowledgeable, humane and I adore her!!"

"I have been seeing Dr. Weiselberg for about 25 years - she is the best doctor I have ever seen!!!"

"I never had a problem in the 4 years I have been going to "the Monti Center") now Northwell Center."

"Excellent excellent excellent! Dr. Weiselberg."

"Dr. Lora Weiselberg is one of the finest Doctors I have known. Her genius and wit is incredible. She is an icon!!!"

"If your health required a medical environment this facility is excellent."

"I have total confidence in Dr. L Weiselberg. She's on of the most competent, brilliant, knowledgeable & caring physicians I know. She's extremely dedicated and I am alive today thanks to her care."

"Every visit to Dr. Weiselberg has been excellent care, explanations, offer of social workers' help."

"She is an excellent doctor and over 15 years never directed me wrong."

"I always have a good experience with Dr. Weiselberg."

"I am very pleased that Dr. L. Weiselberg is my physician. #1. Dr. Lora Weiselberg"

"Dr. Weiselberg is a very compassionate, competent and knowledgeable physician. I would rate her a 10+."

"#1. Lora Weiselberg. #9. Great."

"Our 20 year relationship has been wonderful!"

"Only used for follow-up visits. #7. No treatment necessary."

"Dr. Weiselberg is a wonderful doctor in every way!"

"I love Dr. Weiselberg!"

"Dr. Weiselberg is phenomenal!! She has helped make this experience less frightening. She always has time during a visit to listen to you & for you to ask questions. Before leaving the room she always asks, "is there anything else I can help you with"."

"I couldn't have a better care provider. Dr. Lora Weiselberg is an excellent dr."

"Dr. Weiselberg is always so caring & gives such good advice. For the last 21 years after every visit there she has said - "what else can I do for you?" She is wonderful!"

"Dr. Weiselberg is very thorough and answers all my questions and concerns. I am in great hands!"

"I have the greatest respect for Dr. Weiselberg. I have recommended her to many people - who all felt the same."

"Very satisfied with the care."

"I'd give Dr. Weiselberg 10's if I could!"

"Top notch, so smart and up to date with studies & information."

"have been seeing dr. Weiselberg since 1999 - always a pleasure and given the utmost in care"

"Dr. Weiselberg always listens to my concerns & has helped me to survive breast cancer. I recommend her to people who need an oncologist for breast cancer. She is an expert in her field AND compassionate with her patients."

"I have been seen by Dr. Weiselberg for over 20 yrs. I have never been disappointed in her care."

"I hope I never need to recommend an oncologist, but if I do (and I already have) it would be Dr. Lora Weiselberg."

"she was very clear and made it easy to understand the process I would probably be going through. she answered all my questions I had regarding treatment."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Weiselberg for 19 years and I have always found her to be a doctor who never rushes you and always answers all your questions. She is a compassionate doctor who always calmed my fears."

"Dr. Weiselberg is excellent! I greatly appreciate her care and concern for my well being."

"Dr. Weiselberg is an amazing, caring physician - she is above & beyond any other doctor I ever used!"

"Dr. Weiselberg is the best doctor I have ever had."

"I was worried - My provider fit me in her busy schedule - I was very GRATEFUL for my appointment."

"Dr. Weiselberg is a very caring, kind and knowledgeable doctor."

"Never had a problem very satisfied."

"I am a physician. That makes communication very easy!"

"Dr. Weiselberg is A one."

"Dr. Weiselberg is wonderful. She takes the time to listen to my concerns and explain her recommendations. I am very confident in her knowledge. She is always respectful and kind. Always willing to answer questions and discuss concerns."

"Dr. Weiselberg is fabulous - in past 16 years, I have never had a complaint about her or my care."

"Dr. Lora Weiselberg is the finest Doctor in her field; no one like her!"

"Dr Weisselberg is excellent in my opinion. She never makes you feel rushed but patiently answers whatever questions I have. Her demeanor, coupled with her vast experience really puts me at ease and calms my anxiety."