Hillary Starr
Kushner, MD

Internal Medicine

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  • Internal Medicine - American Board of Internal Medicine

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  • University of Connecticut Health Center Campus


  • North Shore University Hospital


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Most recent comments:

Patient comments are gathered from the Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey. Comments are displayed in their entirety and are anonymous for patient privacy.

"I am only very sorry Dr. Kushner has limited time for new patients. Dr. Kushner is outstanding."

"I've been a patient of Dr. Kushner's for many years and have relied on her expertise and accuracy in diagnosis. I have full confidence in her ability to help to keep me healthy."

"Excellent physician."

"Dr. Kushner is a wonderful & caring doctor."

"Dr. Kushner very thorough with exam and been with her for 30+ years."

"Dr. Kushner & her staff always take the discomfort of going for a medical consultation much easier. They all exhibit respect, & concern combined with a friendly attitude."

"Dr Kushner is the best. Dr Kushner is thorough, caring, calming, and a great communicator. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities and judgement."

"dr. Kushner is a caring and extraordinary physician and I am very lucky to be her patient because she is so thorough and always has great concern for my medical conditions"

"Wonderful doctor with considerable compassion and knowledge"

"Dr. Hillary Kushner is the quintessential physician. She is a master of her craft, warm, caring and easy to converse with. Her advise is always "on target." Throughout the years, I have recommended many patients, friends and family. She has my utmost confidence."

"#9. The very best."

"Dr. Kushner is outstanding. Her diagnosis are always correct and I am fortunate she is my physician."

"Dr. Kusher is always so thorough!"

"Dr. Kushner is a wonderful doctor. She asks questions and listens to her patient. I am very satisfied."

"care provider is excellent"

"Physician did not rush through exam and also gave ample follow up time in her office."

"Dr Kush is the most kind and caring doctor anyone could possibly want. She listens and explains everything very carefully"

"Most knowledgeable doctor I have ever seen. I hope she never retires."

"excellent doctor"

"Kushner is competent, courtesy, talk and listen to me. She is the best that there is. Examinations are thorough."

"Dr. Kushner is excellent on regularly scheduled appointments as well as emergency visits & calls and follow up after ER visits."

"Dr. Kushner - excellent."

"Wonderful doctor."

"I love DR. KUSHNER."

"Have been a long time patient of Dr. Kushner,she is excellent!"

"Hillary S. Kushner, MD has been my physician for the past "30 years" - "excellent care provider"- THE BEST."

"Outstanding doctor - caring, very thorough. Explained everything with no concern for time it takes."

"Dr. Kushner is the best!"

"I've been seeing this physician for over 20 years - I wouldn't be going back if I wasn't satisfied. I HAVE recommended her to others."

"Dr. Kushner is an excellent physician. #9. Outstanding."

"Dr. Krohner is wonderful - I have been seeing her for 30 yrs and always has the time for me!!"

"Excellent. #10. Yes yes."

"Dr. Kushner is wonderful. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Kushner's for more than 20 years. She is a kind thorough, dedicated physician, and I highly recommend her."


"Dr. Kushner has been my primary doctor for many years. She is excellent, thoughtful & a wonderful physician. I would highly recommend her to others."

"Dr. Kushner is thorough, compassionate and just wonderful"

"I am an old patient of Dr. Kushner - I have always been well taken care of and respected - I feel totally confident of her medical ability -"

"Dr. K. is wonderful - Ans. all questions & explains everything - have them once."

"Provider Dr. Kushner is a very competent doctor - I trust her with my life - She is dedicated."

"Dr. Kushner always listens very carefully to all patient concerns and answers everything."

"Dr. Hillary Kushner is always there for me. Her concern and caring is beyond patient/doctor!"

"Dr. Kushner is the best!"

"Dr Kushner is one of the best doctors I have ever known. I've known her since she and her partner. Dr. Haughney were in private practice together. The combination of the two of them were perfect. I miss Dr. Haughney very, very much but am comforted by Dr. Kushner's care and concern for me and my overall needs. I couldn't be happier with her care."

"Dr. Kushner is and has always been a phenomenal dr. asks question listen to concern and provider expert medical advice."

"I have been seeing Dr. Kushner since 1991, and I wouldn't go to any other GP."

"I wish Dr. Kushner had more time to see more patients - the Dr. Kushner is EXCELLENT."

"I am very fortunate & lucky to have Dr. Kushner, as my doctor, she is wonderful in every way."

"Kushner returned my telephone call personally within 20 minutes - saw me in office almost immediately. Called house after ER visit several times over weekend - called with hospital & x-ray reports on Sunday and following week for follow-up."

"Very pleased with my doctor and staff. Recommend them highly."

"Dr Kushner is by far the most professional, kind and thorough doctor I have ever had."

"Great doctor."

"I consider myself very lucky to have this outstanding provider."

"Dr. Kushner is an EXCELLENT physician. I have every confidence in her."

"Have recommended Dr. Kushner and two daughters one son in law and two in laws are her patients."

"Always thorough, attentive to my concerns."

"I really don't know how I could cope with my health issues without this. Doctor in my life. I pray for her health every night - and for the whole team!"

"Great doctor, great listener."

"Dr. Kushner is the best."

"Dr. Hillary Kushner is an excellent doctor."

"I have had the best experience for many years with Dr. Kushner. She is very, very experienced & knowledgeable physician and very patient doctor all these years."

"Dr . Hillary Kushner is an excellent physician"

"Dr. Kushner is terrific and caring and really a one of a kind doctor. I have the utmost confidence in her."

"I have been going to Dr. H. Kushner for 28 years."

"Dr. Kushner is a very experienced, courteous, smart woman. I respect what she knows, what she explains and whatshe advises."

"Dr. Kushner and Dr. Hamlin are always wonderful. Giving the best care!"

"Dr. Kushner is just the best provider I have seen. there is none like her"

"Dr. Kushner is an excellent physician. She communicates well and is very thorough."

"Hillary Kushner is an exceptional diagnostician, a highly knowledgeable physician. She is also a doctor who listens to you and considers your opinions and comments. She is also a warm and caring person. I have recommended others to her throughout the years."

"Dr. Kushner has been my primary care provider for MORE than 20 years. That speaks for itself!"

"Dr. Kushner is the best!"

"Excellent care provided by provider."

"I had never met her before the visit. She is a very caring, thorough and knowledgeable physician."

"All times good examination and explanation."

"I am so thankful to have Dr. Kushner as my doctor. She's so devoted to her patients and their care. There is no one like Dr. Kushner. She is a wonderful person and a superb doctor."

"My experiences with Dr. Kushner have always been the best I could possibly want."

"Excellent experience."


"utmost confidence in Dr. Kushner"

"Dr. Kushner has been my primary care physican for 23 years. I havertremendous respect for her and confidence in her knowledge and skills."

"Excellent doctor!"

"The care I receive is always of the highest caliber. I was the first in my family to visit this physician. Shortly after my husband and later my two sons became patients. I have also recommended othe family member s and friends to Dr. Kushner."

"Very fine."


"Hillary Kushner is an extraordinary doctor ? skilled PLUS carrying & willing to take extra time for her patients, including after office hours."

"I have been with this doctor for over 25 years no problems she is the best."

"Always caring - return call promptly."

"Dr. Kushner & her longtime medical assistant are amazing. 1. Dr. Kushner & her assistant who has been w/ her a longtime were amazing."

"Good experience."

"Dr. Kushner is a caring physician. I have great respect for her medical ability."


"excellent. Couldn't be any better."

"Dr. Kushner is an excellent doctor if there is a problem Dr. Kushner takes care of it right away."

"Dr. Kushner is exceptional! I am so happy to have her as my dr. She goes over & above on all exams and her check ups. She really cares about me JUST GREAT."

"I think everything is great!"

"Very good."

"Always a positive experience; needed to call office to have script sent to dr. for renal sonogram not given to me, and to get authorization for echocardiogram not mentioned during visit. Excellent doctor, very thorough -"

"I have bee a patient of Dr. Kushner for more than 30 years - She is a caring, excellent physician."

"Very competent."

"Always very good."

"Dr. Kushner is one of the best dr.'s out there."

"Dr. Hillary Kushner is an excellent Dr."

"Dr. Kushner is an excellent practitioner & diagnostician."

"I ask many questions. I am a participant in my own care. All my concerns are always addressed completely."

"Wonderful bedside manner - Extremely caring physician."

"Dr. Kushner is a very caring, dedicated doctor - she is wonderful!!!"

"My wife, daughters, in laws _____ to Dr. Kushner and are very pleased with her person & skills."

"Excellent always."

"My experience was of the highest quality -"

"Top notch staff, physicians."

"Dr. Kushner always provides guidance & patience in easy to understand explanations."

"The doctor was patient and showed concern in every way."

"Kushner is very good."

"Always loved Dr. Kushner."

"The best - everyone only was the..."

"Good experience."

"It takes a while for the dr. to return call."


"Dr. Kushner is a top, top doctor. She is a bit of a throw back being patient, complete and effective."

"I always feel better when I talk to Dr. Kushner."

"My dr. is excellent."

"I was very satisfied with all care."

"Dr. K has been my internist for more than 28 years - She is terrific."

"Dr. Kushner is very easy to talk to."

"Dr. Kushner is an incredibly devoted and concerned doctor who has been my internist for over 25 years."

"Dr. Kushner is very caring & thorough - I feel safe being in her office."

"I have been using Dr. Kushner for over 15 years and would not change doctors. Complete confidence in her."

"Everything excellent."