Alexander M
Bunatin, MD

Internal Medicine

(718) 265-2222

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Languages spoken:
English, Russian


My goal is to provide the best care possible to all my patients. I treat my patients as though they are my family members. I will do everything I can to help patients navigate through the complexity of today's health care system. I always try to explain medical problems in terms that patients can understand. As a true family physician, I have diverse interests. Chances are, I can explain things in ways that make good sense to you.

I believe that each patient is a complex individual with his/her own unique biopsychosocial components. What this really means is that I care about how you feel, how you want to be treated, how you live, and how life has affected you. I don't just treat your disease; I treat the complete you. Unlike, most modern days physicians, I do spend a reasonable amount of time with my patients and address all of their concerns. But of course, if you are in a hurry and just want me to be quick and simple, I can do that too!

I understand that when you need to see your doctor, you don't want to wait 1 to 2 months for an appointment. My office always has same day appointments available for acute illnesses. My staff and I always work hard to ensure that your waiting time in the office is minimal. I do see many walk-in patients, but as I have other duties, please try to call for my availability before you come.


Board certifications:

  • Internal Medicine - American Board of Internal Medicine

Medical school

  • Azerbaijan State Medical Inst


  • Brooklyn Hospital Center - Downtown Campus


  • Brooklyn Hospital Center - Downtown Campus


  • Lenox Hill Hospital

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  • 2876 West 27th Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11224

    Fax: (718) 333-1023

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