Stuart J.
Beldner, MD

Cardiac Electrophysiology, Cardiology, Internal Medicine

(516) 562-4100

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Languages spoken:


Board certifications:

  • Cardiac Electrophysiology - American Board of IM/Clinical Cardiac Electrophys
  • Cardiovascular Disease - American Board of IM/Cardiovascular Disease

Academic titles

  • Assistant Professor, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Medical school

  • Sackler School of Medicine (Tel Aviv University)


  • North Shore University Hospital


  • North Shore University Hospital
  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania


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Locations & insurance

NSUH-Dept of Med, Div. of Cardiology

  • 300 Community Drive
    Manhasset, NY 11030

    Fax: (516) 562-3978

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"This was my first visit - doctor was recommended by a friend - I will be using him from now on."

"Dr. Beldner was very knowledgeable and attentive. He took time to explain my condition and what needs to be done."


"Very knowledgeable, good bedside manner. I would recommend him to others. Dr. Beldner."

"Dr. Stuart Beldner is the BEST!!!!"

"Dr. Beldner the best"

"I was very pleased with Dr. Bellner"

"Dr. Beldner was wonderful in every aspect through the procedure - before and after. Very calming and assuring."

"I was very impressed w. Dr. Beldner. He was tuned in to me. Discussed all. Not an alarmist, up front w/everything."

"Dr.Beldner goes above and beyond to help me. He is truly a gifted doctor that listens and understands the needs of his patients."

"Dr. Stuart J. Beldner MD he is an excellent dr. I would recommend him in a minute."

"I have referred several patients to Dr. Beldner."

"I have had LBBB for years.....Dr. Beldner was the first to explain what it actually was without me asking...that was GREAT!"

"Dr. Beldner is an excellent physician. I have been working with him on my A-Fib for almost 10 years. He has my highest confidence."

"Recommend him to every one in the center - friends and workers in need of... #1. Dr. Beldner"

"I think Dr. Beldner is great. I would highly recommending others to go to him."

"I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Beldner and his staff. MUCH more "_____ friendly" then many other doctors!"

"dr beldner is a superb compassionate very competent md"

"Excellent MD - Dr. Beldner."

"Dr. Stuart Beldner is an outstanding doctor."

"excellent care from Dr Beldner. He is an expert in his field"

"I never felt rushed."

"I was referred for a pacemaker. After listening to me and reviewing my record, Dr. Beldner concluded that a pacemaker was not indicated, and a cardio version was. This was successful."

"dr Beldner is the consummate MD consultantvery competent courteous clear logical levelheaded consults with my referring md on the spotclosely and carefully considers my needs wishes"

"very good"

"Dr. Beldner is wonderful. He was concerned & greatly helped."

"I highly recommend this office and the doctor"

"Dr. Beldner is an example of what exemplary doctor/patient care is about! He has a wonderful disposition; He listens; He is very knowledgeable and thorough about providing comprehensive care. This was a second opinion for me dad I am moving my cardiac care to Dr. Beldner."

"Dr. Beldner made me better! In addition to being an amazing doctor, he seems to be a great person!"

"Good experience."

"Dr. Beldner is an excellent physician in my opinion."

"Excellent communication skills - _____, compassion - superb!"

"Very good rapport with Dr. Beldner. He evokes my confidence."

"Dr. Beldner is a very caring doctor."

"Dr. B. sketched an example of the procedure for me."

"Dr. Beldner is amazing both medically and personallyt. He cares about his patients"


"Dr Beldner was the best!!!!! I felt very comfortable with him- I felt he had my best interests in mind"


"Dr. Beldner is the best! He is kind & caring... & most of all intelligent! #1-9. Redundant questions!"

"Dr. Beldner is an excellent doctor."

"Dr. Beldner and his staff go above and beyond to make sure all your health care needs are taken care of with the utmost care and respect. I highly recommend Dr. Beldner and his staff to anyone looking for the best health care possible."

"Dr. Beldner is without doubt, one of the best health care professionals I have ever met!!"

"I could not get a doctor better than Dr. Beldner"

"beldner is the best!"

"I have several dr.'s. Dr. Beldner is by far the best! He is kind & caring & very into what he does - And it shows!! He deserves 6's & not 5's!!"

"Dr. Beldner is an outstanding physician. I am most impressed with his professionalism."

"as you can see...very much satisfied with Dr Beldner's services"

"Good. #1. Stuart J Beldner."

"blender is the best"

"Drs. Rutkin & Beldner are excellent physicians & people!"

"He give you confidence."

"Dr. Beldner was very patient, answered all my questions and was very kind and caring."

"I trust Dr. Beldner with all my "heart!" Since I am in his care, my very rapid-heart-beat hardly ever bothers me, and I am never frightened as I had been!"

"The care provider was excellent!"

"Great doctor..."

"Great experience - providers knowledge & respectful attitude made visit easy & productive. Called me back after I had left a late message re: prescription."


"Very Good"

"I was very pleased with everyuthing."

"Good experience."

"Dr. Beldner is extraordinary! He is highly professional & inspires confidence in his ability to address patient's health issues."

"Dr. Beldner's care saved me from having a procedure & solved my heart issue through a low dose medication. I will always be grateful to him!"

"Good experience."

"So many people recommended Dr. Beldner to me."


"Dr. Beldner is the best!! More doctors should be like him!! #1-10. Re: _____ - You already ask these questions."

"Seeing a dr. is not always easy but Dr. Beldner has a way of making you feel very comfortable & at ease."

"Dr. Beldner answered all my questions and I would highly recommend him to family and friends."


"Good experience."

"The doctor informed me about a possible new type of treatment that may be available soon."

"The doctor spent over 1 hour with me."




"Dr. Stuart Beldner is one of the best doctors I have ever had."

"He is very courteous. His bedside manner is excellent."

"I will recommending this care to others."


"Good - very knowledgeable."

"I have sent Dr. Beldner numerous patients - I highly recommend him."

"Very good experience."

"I wish every physician had his knowledge, experience & compassion."

"Everything good."

"My respect for Dr. Beldner and his staff is tremendous! I am thankful EVERY night (as I am sleeping better) for his care for me!"

"Always good a wonderful doctor."

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. Stuart Beldner. He goes above and beyond. He is a tremendous doctor and the hospital and myself are so lucky to have him!"

"Dr. Beldner is a "super" good doctor and we trust him. Recommending him would never be a problem."