Mitchell A
Robbins, MD

Cardiology, Internal Medicine

(516) 321-7400

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Member of Northwell Health Physician Partners
Languages spoken:


Board certifications:

  • Cardiovascular Disease - American Board of IM/Cardiovascular Disease
  • Internal Medicine - American Board of Internal Medicine

Academic titles

  • Assistant Professor, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Medical school

  • SUNY Downstate College of Medicine


  • North Shore University Hospital


  • North Shore University Hospital


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Cardiovascular Services at Great Neck

  • 1010 Northern Boulevard
    Suite 110
    Great Neck, NY 11021

    Fax: (516) 321-7498

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"Outstanding physician."

"That has already been done resulting in my friend requesting to have this doctor take care of her."

"Dr. Robbins is one of the finest MD I know. #9. Completely."

"Dr Robbins is great and I would highly recommend him."

"Dr. Robbins is a doctor's doctor. He is the very best !!!"

"Dr. Robbins is a real human being - a "mentsh" informative, professional but also ATTENTIVE & concerned about my questions!"

"Dr. Robbins is the finest & most caring MD - I have ever seen. Being in the profession enables me to judge excellence. He is excellent."

"Dr. Robbins is the most caring kind doctor."

"Great doctor."

"Dr. Robbins is extremely thorough in his exam and I leave his office with confidence in his abilities as a practitioner"

"Dr Robbins is quite an exceptional physician - he is obviously well informed, an expert in the field of cardiology;but acts like a 'human being'; gives me results of tests, discussing the ramifications of any new information as well as the possibility of any future treatment or actions. I trust his judgement implicitly."

"I have recommended many patients to Dr. Robbins - He has provided wonderful medical advice & care for all."

"Dr. Robbins is a very special person."


"M. Robbins MD is a super M.D."

"Dr Robbins is the best."

"Dr. Robbins is an excellent physician. He is very up to date in his knowledge, explains in understandable language, respects and cares for his patients and unlike many MD's, he LISTENS to his patients. Generally I do not recommend MD's to others because they may have different experiences. However I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Robbins. He is tops!"

"Dr. Robbins is truly an exceptional physician in personality and in clinical acumen. I work for a competing provider and would not consider leaving Dr. Robbins practice."

"Dr. Robbins is 100% professional and very dependable I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody else."

"dr. Robbins is fantastic."

"Dr. Robbins is a caring doctor. I think he is the best!"

"#9. Excellent."

"Dr. Robbins is the ultimate professional. He carefully listens & is a caring problem solved."

"Highly "Rec"."

"Dr. Robbins is an outstanding cardiologist. Very knowledgeable, very attentive and a good communicator."

"Care Dr. Robbins is a caring, highly qualified & intelligent dr.& wonderful disposition. He is a rare & the exception to the rule."

"Dr. Robbins & nurses were wonderful & VERY CARING."

"I have great confidence in Dr. Robbins."

"Dr.Robbins very caring & considerate."

"His is the best Dr's I have for years."

"A great experience. I will continue to use your services"

"Dr. Robbins was, as always, caring & professional."


"Dr. Robbins is a wonderful and caring dr. I have ever had!"

"He's the best."

"thoughtful caring physician"

"Outstanding physician. Top man -"

"Dr Robbins is one of the best physicians I have ever had. He is so smart and always up to date on the lastet studies. you always feel his concern and never makes you feel rushed. A wonderful doctor and person."

"Great doctor. Extremely helpful and understanding."

"#8. Always glad to spend more time w. Dr. Robbins!"

"Beset physician I have ever used. He is very patient, brilliant and caring - He is a 10 out of 10."

"Excellent, as always."

"Always good."

"I always recommend this physician."

"Dr. Robbins is excellent physician - Caring, kind, understanding, very knowledgeable."

"I have the highest confidence in Dr. Robbins for my health care."


"An excellent and personable doctor"

"Mitchell Robbins is great doctor & very helpful & knowledgeable."

"Dr. Robbins talked to me about an upcoming surgery I probably will undergo. He said I will need to schedule anappointment to have a check up to see if I am in good health before any surgery could be done. He has help me keep my INR below 2, as previously I would hemorage when the INR went above the 2mark I needed hospitalization often prior to changing physicians to Dr. Robbins. Thankfully I do not needhospitalization for hemoraging any more. I am very grateful to him for changing the quality of my life for the better. I wish I had met him sooner, I also have not had blood transfusions."

"Dr Robbins does not just give you 12 1/2 minutes ant walks out - he is relaxed and concerned about any issue that you might have. He is absolutely the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I have extreme confidence in this provider - Dr. Robbins."

"I have been a patient of this doctor for a number of years and have never had a bad experience with him or any of his staff"

"I love Dr. Robbins. He's one of the very few doctors I trust"

"Dr. Robbins is a caring, concerned & professional doctor. He has excellent knowledge re. my condition."

"My provider Dr. Mitchell A Robbins, MD is all that anyone would want as a great doctor!!"

"This doctor is a pleasure to experience"

"Very good experience. #1. Dr. Mitchell Robbins."

"1. Mitchell A. Robbins MD."

"#10. I don't usually recommend MD's but would in this case, if some sought my advice."

"Excellent, kind doctor very empathetic & caring."

"No complaints."

"Dr. Robbins knowledge and experience speaks for itself."

"Very pleasant experience."

"Dr. Robbins is the best!!"

"Every visit with Dr. Robbins has always been excellent."

"Outstanding concern -"


"Always good care."