Hyperhidrosis (sweaty palm syndrome) is a common disorder of the sweat glands, which causes excess sweat in the palms, feet or underarms. This condition can be extremely disabling socially and professionally.

Sweat is necessary to cool of the body. However, for about one to two percent of the population, sweat can be excessive and present when cooling is not necessary. This condition can be passed down from parent to child or may be caused by a preexisting condition. Certain medications may also cause excess sweating.

Our approach

Our team is one of the leaders in minimally invasive approaches to hyperhidrosis. The operation, which takes about an hour, is done with two tiny incisions in the armpits and is an outpatient procedure in almost all cases. 

Some people will have a new pattern of sweating on the lower half of the body (compensatory sweating), which is most often well tolerated and an acceptable lifestyle trade off. Patients are able to return to normal work and exercise is very soon after surgery.

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