Acute pain

Physicians at Northwell Health specialize in caring for patients with acute pain. The palliative care professionals take a multidisciplinary approach to manage your pain, stress and related symptoms of serious illness to improve your quality of life.

What Is acute pain?

Acute pain can be very stressful, affecting your daily activities. It differs from chronic pain in the following ways:

  • Starts suddenly and usually doesn’t last long (a few weeks or months)
  • Can range from mild to severe
  • Results from a specific disease or injury
  • Goes away when the disease or injury heals
  • Serves an important purpose to indicate disease or injury

Causes of acute pain

In palliative care, acute pain can occur when a chronic condition suddenly worsens. It can also happen when a related health problem develops. Some underlying conditions that can cause acute pain include:

  • Pain related to cancer or its treatment
  • Breakthrough pain in patients who are already being treated for chronic pain
  • Injury such as cuts, burns or broken bones
  • Surgery or other procedures such as dental work
  • Inflammation caused by injury or surgery

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