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When Shannon turned 40, she froze her eggs to keep her fertility options open.

Shannon standing in a dance studio.

Shannon wanted to keep her fertility options open, so she decided to look into freezing her eggs when she turned 40. After seeing doctors, nurses and a nutritionist, she was successfully able to freeze four eggs. (For context, the ideal amount of eggs to retrieve is 40.)

Her treatments leading up to egg retrieval and freezing included blood work, medical tests and plenty of self-injections. At first the injections were tough. Shannon recalls feeling like she screwed up the timing when it was 1 or 2am and things didn’t go perfectly. When it felt like too much to manage, she had to just take a step back and breathe. She also relied on her dance studio to help her relieve stress. Soon injections became no big deal.

Shannon also had initial concerns about the effects of the hormones and tried to keep the whole thing very private. She didn’t consider her path to pregnancy as something that she wanted to share. Eventually she decided to open up. “I’m hoping that other women won’t feel like they don’t have any options," she said.

Her advice for women going through a similar experience? "Believe in the process. The pros are pros for a reason. You may get stuck. You may have concerns, but believe in the team around you and build your support system. You can’t do this alone. I normally don’t like to rely on other people for anything, but this was different."

When asked if she feels a stigma about fertility treatments, Shannon smiles and asks back, “What’s normal anymore?” Today she feels relieved, empowered and more optimistic than ever before.

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