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Living with PCOS, Marissa always knew getting pregnant would be a challenge

Marissa sitting with legs crossed, meditating.

Marissa wasn't surprised she was having some trouble getting pregnant, due to her polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). But after three years of failing, she was ready for some professional help. She tried Clomid, three rounds of IVF, three retrievals and four transfers. All of it was unsuccessful.

She decided to take a year off from trying to focus on her career, which is when she found the doctors at Northwell Health; they were successful on the first attempt. Marissa discovered that her mother-in-law carries the BRCA gene (which causes breast cancer). Northwell doctors recommended pre-genetic testing; that was a service that may not have been available at every fertility clinic.      

Today Marissa has happy and healthy twin boys.

Marissa's experience

"My husband and I were recovering from another miscarriage, and I had pretty much written off the possibility of ever having children. We quit trying for about a year. I focused on taking care of myself. Then one day, I was able to do a hand stand at my yoga class. It took a lot of training to get to that point and when I did it, it made me feel like anything was possible. That was a big deal. It took a lot of physical strength and emotional strength. That really felt like a turning point for me."    

She added, "My initial consult at Northwell was with Dr. Rausch, but eventually I saw just about everybody. The team was excellent. The nurses were the best. After doing blood work, they would call with adjustments to my medications and make everything really easy to understand."

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