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Jennifer had no trouble getting pregnant, but staying pregnant was a challenge.

Jennifer standing with a garden in the background

Jennifer had six miscarriages, which she chalked up to poor egg quality. She and her husband decided that it was more important to them to become parents than to use her own eggs, so they turned to the team at Northwell Health Fertility and an egg donor for help.

Using donor eggs requires going to counseling to make sure everyone is on the same page. One of Jennifer's hardest days was when she fully realized that her babies wouldn’t come from her genetic material. That was a difficult pill to swallow, but in the end she felt that her family had been through too many heartbreaks to keep trying the same method.

She proceeded with the treatment, and she was finally able to hold a pregnancy. Today she is overjoyed to have twin four-year-old boys. 

While not without its challenges, Jennifer describes her journey to motherhood as “a really great experience.” It helped her realize that she has a great support network. It introduced her to Soul Cycle as a stress reliever; when things got to be too stressful, she would just pedal out all the tough parts of her day. And she found that once you become a parent, you forget all the pain. You forget all the heartache. You just focus on the next challenge life brings you: children.

Her advice to other women dealing with fertility issues? "Don’t give up. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The science is amazing. The medicine is amazing. You may not go through the door you originally expected, but there are always doors open to you. Keeping an open mind helps. It may not look the way you planned it, but trust the people around you, and it’ll work out."

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