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A female physician measuring the height of a little girl as her mother watches
Healthy families are the center of a healthy community
At Northwell Health, our family medicine physicians are here to work with you and your loved ones to provide holistic primary care for a wide range of conditions. It's the exceptional health care you need at all ages and stages of life.


Our families are our backbones—providing emotional, mental and even physical support throughout our lifetimes. Shouldn’t they also help promote good health and well-being?

Studies show families have short- and long-term effects on each other's health that start from early childhood and continue throughout life (J Health Social Behavior). Fostering good health and well-being is one of the most important steps a family can take to improve outcomes for each member—and the larger community.

Family medicine integrates the biological, clinical and behavioral sciences to provide care for chronic conditions, as well as preventive care. Family medicine is unique because of its focus on the patient-physician relationship with the patient viewed in the context of the family. 

It is the extent to which this relationship is valued, developed, nurtured and maintained that distinguishes family medicine from all other specialties.

Why choose us?

Our Department of Family Medicine provides patient-centered care through education, community outreach and exceptional clinical expertise. With more than 250 physicians throughout Long Island, Queens and Manhattan, we are here for you when you need us.

  • Mindful medicine—Every patient is different. So you need a unique care plan that takes into account your specific health needs, desired health outcomes and lifestyle. Our physicians work with you and your family to develop that individualized care plan that looks at each family member's role in keeping you healthy.
  • Community care—The Department of Family Medicine is a healthy place for the entire community. In addition to community health screenings, we offer family health education and caregiver training.
  • Cutting edge research—Innovations in medicine only occur through research and development. Our research projects directly affect the way we provide care to our patients.

Our family medicine specialists offer you and your family the very best care.

Meet our team