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Ryan J. Guda, RN
Nurse Manager, Dialysis Services, Ambulatory
quotation mark Ryan has applied the skills he learned from being a nurse, a small-scale businessman and a marketer for a pharmaceutical company to lay the foundation and create a work environment that nurtures a culture of safety that assures quality. He is a true leader.
Nominator Helen Danko, Director, Dialysis Services, Ambulatory

Building on his array of experiences in different fields, Ryan Guda has rebuilt a workplace that adapts to change and established a culture of respect with dramatic effects on the quality of care.

Shortly after joining Northwell in 2015, Ryan met with each team member to hear their opinions about their work environment. By listening and acknowledging his team’s feelings, he was able to redirect negative behavior in a nonjudgmental manner and win their trust. Even his adept computer skills helped during a transition to electronic record-keeping.

Ryan quickly became an agent of change who has improved the work environment and directly affected the quality of services delivered to patients living with end-stage renal failure. He was successful in turning the team members’ fear of change into hope.

Improving the workplace environment made Ryan realize there was little communication between dialysis patients and management, so he created a Patient Advisory Committee, made up of volunteers whose role is to act as a liaison between fellow patients, facility management, team members and the regulatory agencies that oversee the dialysis program. Under his leadership, the Long Island Jewish-Satellite Dialysis Facility was designated a 5-STAR facility for two consecutive years (2017, 2018). Only 10% of dialysis facilities across the U.S. have achieved this recognition. Because of his leadership, Ryan was able to create an environment where team members welcome and practice innovation.

2019 President’s Awards winner - Leader of the Year, Ryan Guda